Place to visit in Dubai: Five Things To Create To Bask Dubai Inward Your Express Time

1. City Tour alongside Hop on Hop Off Bus

By riding this Hop On Hop Off coach (HOHO) you lot tin sack perhaps see several Dubai’s tourist attractions without besides much effort. HOHO coach inwards Dubai is also well-known for Red Bus or Big Bus. The Red Bus stations are spread inwards several large malls such equally The Dubai Mall together with Mall of the Emirates. I happened to see the ane inwards Mall of the Emirates. It is located at the Ground Floor of Mall of the Emirates. It just a modest counter alongside ane officeholder actually, but you lot could inquire everything virtually the Red Bus including the available brochures of the routes. Actually, Red Bus offering iii routes alongside dissimilar fourth dimension duration: City Tour (for 2.20 hours), Beach Tour (for 1.20 hours) or Marina Tour (for ninety minutes) all available for twenty-four hr catamenia together with black tour. The routes volition cross selected magnificent Dubai’s famous landmarks together with tourist attractions from the tallest Burj Al Khalifa, Palm Island to their traditional spice souk depends on the routes you lot choose. 

Since nosotros stimulate got express fourth dimension together with nosotros just want to run into their famous Jumeirah beach alongside the Burj Al Arab together with the magnificent Burj Al Khalifa, thus nosotros chose the Beach Tour. The tariff cost us virtually USD59.40 or IDR800,000 freakin expensive huh! but nosotros didn't stimulate got whatsoever alternative huhuhu...Those cost including gratuitous mutual depression temperature mineral water, recorded commentary inwards alternative of languages alongside gratuitous headset, air conditioned bus, gratuitous entry to museums, gratuitous entry to Atlantis Aquarium together with gratuitous Dhow Cruise (if you lot pick out the Marina Tour). So, hither nosotros are on the bus! Along the agency ride, nosotros saw how tidy together with create clean Dubai is. They stimulate got many pretty together with magnificent buildings, fifty-fifty the infirmary is also pretty beautiful! Some edifice are also turned out to live outdoor cafe. And oh the architectural of some houses are also unique. Here's sneak peek of what I constitute during the ride!

- Before you lot purchase the ticket, await at the available tour map, ensure the places you lot want to run into since if you lot solely stimulate got express time, the 24 hr Day Tour won't just live applied, maybe you lot solely accept closed to 2 to 3 hours, unless you lot stimulate got a total twenty-four hr catamenia fourth dimension delight strolling closed to this pretty city! 
- Since this is a hop on hop off facility, live wise alongside your time. If you lot halt yesteryear to ane place, the following coach volition come upwardly closed to xxx minutes. For example, when nosotros stopped at Burj Al Arab, nosotros solely stimulate got closed to xxx minutes to explore the expanse earlier the following coach coming, if you lot piece of cake you lot stimulate got to hold off for the following xxx minutes. 
- Wear proper together with comfortable clothing. T-shirt alongside brusk pants (of course of educational activity knees-length) is better. You volition realize how hot together with humid Dubai is when strolling closed to alongside that opened upwardly coach hahaha! 
- Always convey a tumbler alongside H2O - though the Big Bus provided it - who volition endure inwards the hot Dubai alongside solely 2 modest bottles of mutual depression temperature water? Me? Of course of educational activity not, I boozer to a greater extent than than iii bottles!!

2. Trying their Dubai Metro

If to accept the Red Bus are something pricey for you, why non trying to accept the Dubai Metro to relish Dubai. Dubai Metro is ane of the fastest together with cheapest world shipping for Dubai's people, it is similar alongside MRT inwards Singapore. The station are spread almost everywhere inwards the metropolis together with also adjoined alongside almost large mall such equally the Dubai Mall together with Mall of the Emirates. I tried the Dubai Metro from the Burj Khalifa station which is following to Dubai Mall. There are an access to the station from the 2nd flooring of the mall. The worst matter to attain the station was I should walk thus soooo far from the mall. 

Before you lot purchase the tickets, create certain you lot know where are you lot going together with await carefully the tube lines. Dubai Metro has 2 lines, the Red Line together with Green Line. The Red Line encompasses Rashidiya to Jebel Ali stations, patch the Green Line encompasses Al Qusais 2 to Jeddaf 2 stations. Between those lines, at that spot are interchange stations Burjuman & Union stations, if you lot want to motility from the Red to Green or vice versa. Those lines are also divided into zones, ranging from Zones 1 to Zone 6. The to a greater extent than zones you lot travel, the to a greater extent than you lot should pay for the tickets. 

To purchase the ticket, just larn to the ticket machine, select your destination, select how many zones you lot would locomote together with insert your cash to the machine. There are many options for the ticket, if you lot solely locomote in ane lawsuit just opt for the Regular ticket. For example, when I wanted to larn to Dubai's daily marketplace inwards Burjuman area, I went from Burj Khalifa station, thus inwards the ticket machine I select my destination Burjuman, together with thus select '1 zone' since I solely locomote inwards render to ane destination (you may select 2 zones if for event you lot locomote from Burj Khalifa to Burjuman together with thus Burjuman to World Trade Centre together with goal at Burj Khalifa again). After that, I inserted AED5 to the ticket machine (I bought for 2 persons, each for AED2.5 or IDR9300). 

- For the showtime timer, similar me, it mightiness live hard to purchase the ticket from the machine. Don't hesitate to inquire the officer, they're real variety together with humble to aid the tourists hehehe...
- If you lot remain longer inwards Dubai together with want to locomote everyday alongside Dubai Metro, you lot amend pick out a NOL cards alongside selections of cards such equally Red Card for ninety days or Blue Card for five years. For to a greater extent than information virtually the tickets together with maps, you lot tin sack larn to this link

3. Visiting Dubai's Magnificent Landmarks

After you lot create upwardly one's take away heed which shipping you lot would choose, it's fourth dimension to see some places!! The showtime identify to see together with non to immature lady inwards Dubai is, of course, the ane together with solely the tallest edifice inwards the world, Burj Khalifa. I bet all of you lot at to the lowest degree stimulate got a curiosity to know how tall this edifice is, right? It is indeed sooo tall alongside virtually 148 floors. I fifty-fifty had difficulties to capture the top of this edifice from the bus, fifty-fifty I should upturned my cervix real hard. Geez! There are 2 ways to relish this edifice strolling closed to the expanse (since the expanse is following to the Dubai Mall together with other swell places such equally Souk Al Bahar) or to larn within together with explore to the top. I chose the showtime opt since the 2nd ane was sooo wasting my coin (well, for someone who loves shopping similar me, spending closed to AED505 or IDR1,9 mio just to attain the top of Burj Khalifa is agency amend to purchase some souvenirs for my identify unit of measurement hehehe, but hi if you lot stimulate got lots of coin or already saving to run into that magnificent view-from-the-top for in ane lawsuit inwards your lifetime, just larn for it!!). So, here's my unproblematic captures of the magnificent, Burj Khalifa! (sadly, that fourth dimension Dubai was thus foggy thus I couldn't larn whatsoever clearer film of this edifice huft)

The other options was of course of educational activity seeing the world's biggest hotel, Burj Al Arab. Located at the Jumeirah Beach area, this the ane together with solely 7-stars hotels could live enjoyed from many sides. You tin sack strolling closed to the beach together with selfie alongside this edifice equally the background (most people produce that matter but due to the heat together with hot weather, I chose to remain inwards coach hahaha) or visiting Souk Medinat Jumeirah behind this building. From this souk, you lot tin sack also accept an fantabulous persuasion of this building. Well, Dubai is never non hot, thus you lot amend relish the conditions than non geting anything subsequently you lot larn inwards at home, right!

- All those places are real reachable alongside all shipping including the Dubai Metro or Hop on Hop Off Bus.
-If you lot truly want to larn to the top of the magnificent Burj Khalifa, an online ticket purchase is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This is based on my friend's experience, Shanna @shannsational. She told me that if you lot pick out to pay on the spot, you'll live charged iii times to a greater extent than expensive that the online rate, moreover you lot should hold off inwards a real long queue. So, to purchase the ticket just larn to At the Top website, link here. Choose your desired grade of height, 124th flooring or upwardly to the highest 148th floor. Different level, dissimilar cost together with dissimilar services. My friend Shanna took the ticket to the 148th flooring for AED505 including guide, snacks at waiting room together with at the observation room at the top. The other privileges was you lot shouldn't live inwards long queue together with per grouping is solely express to max 20 persons thus you lot stimulate got to a greater extent than room to relish together with capture dissimilar persuasion of Dubai from the top. Please retrieve this cost is valid for off-peak season, on peak flavor or peculiarly when you lot want to run into the sunset, the cost is bailiwick to higher. Here's how magnificent Dubai from the top of Burj Khalifa. *Photo taken yesteryear Shanna

4. Jetset Shopping at the Malls

Well, well, that doesn't hateful you lot stimulate got to live rich to larn to Dubai, but if you lot want to experience how jetset the Dubai's people lifestyle, visiting their malls mightiness live eye-opening. If inwards Indonesia, Grand Indonesia, MKG or PIM are the largest mall for me, when I visited The Dubai Mall, all of them was NONE! The Dubai Mall is real huuuuugeeee, maybe five times than those malls inwards Indonesia. Geeez! They stimulate got 1,200 shops alongside several worldwide famous fashion brands, cafes together with restaurants. I was thus happy that hither I could detect my bucket listing restos together with cafes, such equally Shake Shack, Pinkberry, Angelina Chocolate & Patisserie, Hummingbird Bakery until the famous Ladure Paris was here! Dubai Mall is also equipped alongside several magnificent attractions such equally world's largest indoor Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, SEGA Republic, an indoor subject common where you lot tin sack relish virtually 150 games, world's largest man-made indoor waterfall, together with of course of educational activity the iconic Dubai Water Fountain. Sadly, due to the hectic schedule I missed that fantastic H2O springtime huhuhu...

Pssst, exterior the mall, you lot tin sack also run into the man-made lake alongside the beautiful persuasion of Souk Al Bahar together with the Burj Khalifa. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 real perfect spot to accept your iconic selfie! 

*Souk Al Bahar, pic taken by @ivyslife

The 2nd famous together with largest malls inwards Dubai is Mall of the Emirates. As I told you lot earlier inwards the previous post, this Mall is following to Sheraton Hotel. This mall is also huge, alongside to a greater extent than than hundreds shops, you lot tin sack easily access this mall until 12.00PM if you lot remain at the hotel. If you lot honey ski, Mall of the Emirates has also the biggest indoor ski rink inwards which you lot tin sack produce skiing, snowboarding, taking gondola, until feeding the existent Penguins! There are many other malls inwards Dubai, but unfortunately I didn't stimulate got much fourth dimension to explore them all. But ensure, when you lot see Dubai, these 2 malls are real worth visit.

- Since the malls are thus huge, you lot amend assay to create a marker indicate or to retrieve ane places from your starting point. If not, you lot volition lose your agency dorsum haha. I take away to retrieve many times the places I passed from my starting indicate at Mall of the Emirates, when I forgot once, I should strolling closed to the malls just to detect my agency dorsum to the hotel. So did at the Dubai Malls, trust me, I lost many times, I fifty-fifty should write what I passed since besides many shops there. Unless you're an adventurer together with create to larn lost, delight ignore this tips!
- Do non shopping inwards a hurry unless you lot convey lots of coin together with stimulate got been observing before, peculiarly souvenirs. In malls, you lot know, everything isn't cheap, fifty-fifty just a keychain. The cost would live double than the ane inwards the souk or traditional market. However, since this tips for a express fourth dimension trip, to purchase souvenirs or something you lot mightiness want to convey domicile such equally chocolate, spices or perfumes, buying it inwards Carrefour or large supermarket inwards Dubai is amend than inwards the souvenir shops inwards the mall.

5. Go for Cheap Souvenirs at Dubai's Souk

Nah, this indicate is specially made for shopaholic hahaha, I hateful for anyone looking for souvenirs or anything cheaper than malls. Thanks to my locomote partner @mareretha who has Rebecca Bloomwood's soul inside. I'm the ane who produce backpacking every fourth dimension I produce traveling, but when it comes to shopping, just for souvenirs for my mom or sisters, I just can't resist when someone inquire me to explore the marketplace hahaha! Dubai is famous for their souk or let's called it marketplace or traditional market. There are many souk from spices souk, bloom souk to gilded souk. The souk inwards some areas are also appear inwards modern together with up-class way, such equally this Souk Madinat Jumeirah. This souk sells generally souvenirs from primal chain, magnets, t-shirt, sculptures, paintings, to daily apparel but inwards a mid to high prices but equally non expensive equally the malls.  This souk is also equipped alongside air conditioner, thus it truly helps us subsequently sweating closed to the Burj Al Arab hahaha...

Unfortunately, to attain to a greater extent than cheaper souk or cheaper shopping places, you lot should larn to the side of the city. Some cheaper souk such equally the famous gilded souk, is far from the downtown Dubai, but it offers a existent traditional together with down-to-earth shopping experience without air conditioner but you lot tin sack produce bargaining together with larn lots of cheaper things! If you lot want to create it simple, let's state you lot don't wanna larn sweat within the-exactly-hot-Dubai's traditional market, you lot mightiness larn to the sky places I visited a ane cost shop! Yup, stimulate got you lot always heard a store selling all detail inwards ane price? In Jakarta, you lot mightiness know Daiso alongside IDR22,000 for all items or Doku Doku which sells all items for solely IDR5,000! In Dubai, at that spot are such places inwards Burjuman expanse named Bollywood World of Fashion together with Day to Day Market, those shops sell all items for AED1 to AED10 or closed to IDR4000 to IDR40,000 ONLY! They sell almost everything from domestic things, candies, chocolate, clothing, stationery, electronics, to many choices of souvenirs. It's similar just all the daily things are available hither exclude the groceries ane hehehe...

I fifty-fifty constitute some Indonesian nutrient here! Look at how famous the Indomie noodles create here. They fifty-fifty stimulate got a special rack for this noodles! Gosh, how I proud to live Indonesian hahaha!! And oh, await I also constitute my fav childhood chocolate, Choki Choki, aaaah I honey love this places!!!

Shopping inwards the one-price places similar this mightiness live skillful for you lot who has a express budget, but mightiness live bad for you lot also since everything looks inexpensive together with you lot just can't resist to non purchase one! Souvenirs hither such equally keychain together with magnetic refrigerator are sold from AED5 to AED10 or IDR15,000 to IDR30,000 solely patch inwards malls or modern souk you lot volition larn inwards a higher identify AED15 to AED20. Geez! The miniatures of the Dubai's landmarks such equally Burj Khalifa together with Burj Al Arab were also real affordable, hither you lot tin sack larn for solely AED40 or IDR120,000 patch inwards malls it migh cost you lot closed to AED80 or IDR240,000. Almost chocolate packages or candies are also the same, I got the same mix chocolates I constitute inwards Carrefour for solely AED10 patch I paid it closed to AED20 at the Carrefour hehehe...

- To attain the Day to Day Market together with BW World of Fashion, you lot tin sack purpose Dubai Metro together with halt inwards Burjuman station. After you lot larn out the station, larn upstairs, those 2 shops are correct across the station's piece of employment out gate.

Well, that's all the five Things to Do to Enjoy Dubai inwards Your Limited Time. It mightiness non long or consummate plenty but I want it'll helps you lot to conform your trip. I would honey to have whatsoever questions, comments, or suggestions virtually this post. Just dropped your comment below or e-mail me to Visit also my instagram @ichakhairisa for to a greater extent than information virtually locomote tips together with delicious food.

Thank you lot for reading together with stimulate got a overnice trip!
See you lot on my following holiday!


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