Place to visit in Dubai: Viii Best Dubai Attractions For An Adventurous Woman

Guest post wrriten yesteryear Sagar Kole.

Contrary to pop belief, whatever adult woman tin walk only about Dubai at nighttime — solo or amongst friends — knowing she’s prophylactic from harm, making Dubai 1 of the safest places for an all-women’s run a jeopardy holiday. Dubai’s many fabulous attractions together with multi-faceted run a jeopardy options volition run along y'all together with your girlfriends sated. It's fourth dimension to larn your girlfriends together, pack your bags together with mass tickets on the adjacent flying out to Dubai — nosotros conduct maintain a listing of 8 run yesteryear adventures for y'all to relish inwards Dubai. Have the ball of your lives adventuring inwards this glittering, flamboyant urban heart together with soul of thrills!

1) Adventurous Desert Safari

Gather your gal pals together with caput out to the desert safari, the ultimate adventure y'all tin relish inwards Dubai! The tour operators ordinarily offering options for morning, evening, or overnight desert safaris. If y'all dear a skilful adventure, accept payoff of the twenty-four hours tours to become dune bashing, dune driving, sand boarding, together with quad biking together with camel riding. If y'all prefer a dining nether the stars addition entertainment, opt for the eve together with overnight desert safari. At night, y'all tin fifty-fifty relish some sunset photography, desert exploration together with nighttime wild fauna study.

2) Magnificent Dhow Cruise 

Go on a cruise along Dubai’s coastline inwards a renovated dhow that was 1 time used for trading together with smuggling in Dubai’s older days. Enjoy varied onboard amusement ranging from belly dancing to Tanura show. You tin fifty-fifty assemble your girlfriends for a matching henna icon session or sit down dorsum together with smoke a shisha pipage patch watching Dubai’s magnificent landmarks flash yesteryear on the coast. Get upwardly unopen to the Palm Jumeirah together with World Map islands every bit y'all lookout adult man the multi-colored LED lights of the urban heart together with soul reflected inwards the H2O similar fairy lights.

3) Exciting Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hold on to your hats, ladies, together with larn laid to soar over the first-class Dubai desert earlier sunrise inwards a hot air balloon. Look downwards a distance of ii kilometers or to a greater extent than at the undulating desert dunes that give over from dark to carmine every bit the sun’s rays low-cal the way. Each hot air balloon handbasket carries 24 people; y'all tin hire a someone hot air balloon only for your girls to brand the sense to a greater extent than intimate. There’s zero to a greater extent than exciting, to a greater extent than freeing, than viewing Dubai’s amazing desert from miles above, during cooling hours of the early on dawn inwards a hot air balloon.

4) Adventurous Deep Sea Fishing

Dubai is the default finish for many renowned body of body of water angling enthusiasts together with mariners every year, a paradise for deep body of body of water angling enthusiasts. In fact, you’ll uncovering some of the biggest sailfish — Trevally, Cobia, Blue Fin Tuna, Sherri, Sultan Ibrahim, Barracuda King Fish — inwards Dubai’s waters. Enjoy the rich adrenaline rush every bit y'all seize your prizes out of the deep bluish seas amongst your girlfriends.

5) Scuba Diving For Pearl Oysters

Arabian Gulf’s bio-diverse underwater life makes it paradise for underwater photographers. You tin sign upwardly for scuba diving tour packages, consummate amongst equipment, amongst hotels or tour operators. Explore Dubai’s stunning underwater basis that is dwelling to to a greater extent than than 65,000 marine habitats. You'll definitely relish watching sharks, ray fish, together with hundreds of shoals of colorful exotic fish swirling only about onetime ship ruins.

6) Grand Views From Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Seaplane

The best agency to sense Dubai’s incredible architecture together with newsworthy skyscrapers is via a seaplane ride. Sign upwardly for a 40-minute Cessna seaplane flying amongst your girlfriends, together with swoop over the incredible Burj Al-Arab, Dubai Frame, Dubai Canal, Burj Khalifa, the Palm Islands, the World Islands together with other major Dubai landmarks. You tin asking to wing over your favorite spots repeatedly for Insta-worthy photos together with brag almost your run a jeopardy on Insta Story!

7) Amazing Water Adventures

There are endless possibilies when it comes to H2O activities inwards Dubai. Hurtle through the turquoise waters of Dubai at 70kmph on jet-ski scooter, surf the waves till you’re tired, practise some energetic parasailing, banana-boat riding together with more. Adventure-lovers would dear adrenaline rush each fourth dimension y'all crest over a moving ridge or H2O board behind a speeding vessel! You tin relish various H2O sports inwards Umm Suqeim, Jumeirah, Al Mamzar Beach Park together with Ghantoot beaches together with Dubai Marina.

8) Mountain Exploring

Dubai urban heart together with soul doesn’t conduct maintain mountains, but only 1.5 kilometers away, inwards Fujairah, lies the magnificent Hajar Mountains. Here you’ll uncovering all the adventures y'all desire if you’re into mountaineering or stone climbing. Explore the incredible trails via pes or bike, together with climb rocks to your heart’s content. Check out the ancient fossils that even together with then business the rocks, together with accept your remainder at the many waterfalls together with brooks that you’ll uncovering deeper into the mountains.


Leave the boys at dwelling for this all-girls run a jeopardy trip. Enjoy zip-gliding, tandem sky-falling, bungee jumping, beach-bumming, swimming, snorkeling together with sightseeing. And ladies? Don’t forget to store till y'all drib inwards Dubai ;)


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