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Dubai is known equally the 'City of Gold' too for skillful reason. The fastest growing gilt concern centre inwards the world, Dubai imports on to a greater extent than than 400 tons of gilt yearly from Asia, far East too from all the major gilt the world market.

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Inside Dubai Mall, the gilt souk Area.

Dubai's gilt character too designs are famous, which are real impressive inwards dissimilar varieties of fashionable designs to pick out from. The major contributor for Dubai to live successful inwards gilt manufacture is complimentary merchandise zone facilities, thus at that topographic point is non much taxes or customs duties are charged too that makes Dubai the best urban centre to buy, merchandise gilt too other jewelery .

"Trade inwards the gilt souk grew during the 1940s due to Dubai's free trade policies which encouraged entrepreneurs from India and Iran to railroad train stores inwards the souk.  Despite a full general slump inwards the global gilt market." WikiPedia.  Therefore, Dubai has a long history inwards Gold merchandise fifty-fifty earlier the crude oil boom too tourism sector.  It go out the major merchandise road  for many goods including gilt inwards the19th century. Dubai port played major purpose inwards this business. 

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The showtime ever gilt souk inwards Dubai started inwards Deira nigh the primary charabanc lastly correct later the Shindagha tunnel on the correct side. After renovation the Dubai's famous Gold Souk inwards Deira side is 1 of the largest gilt retail shops line upward inwards the world.  It is believed to live started or thus early on 1900's with simply few atomic number 26 smiths too Gold retailers. Then later the complimentary merchandise complimentary zone came into number inwards or thus 1940's too 50's, to a greater extent than Gold smiths, gilt retailers too concern itself boom. As results, many shops opened at the same area, thus that fourth dimension Dubai regime decided to cook official "souk" which is Standard Arabic give-and-take too inwards English linguistic communication way "market", at that fourth dimension wooden covered too pattern were cook or thus the souk to gain fifty-fifty to a greater extent than souk feelings too texture. 

Since then, to a greater extent than too to a greater extent than shops were opened upward too rapid expansion of Gold Souk inwards Dubai inwards together with Oil boom,  more expansion of Gold Souk took identify inwards dissimilar years since 70s. Gold shops grew from 50 retails shops to to a greater extent than than 300 retailers too wholesaler; all these shops are simply accommodated inwards L shape are too environs areas. Shops renovated too regularly updated to run into international standards too non to loose Standard Arabic civilisation Souk designs. On each narrow alleys of the souk at that topographic point shops too on transcend covered past times wooden roof with large fans to cool downward visitors too workers who constantly moving around. These wooden designs continue the spirit which resemble of one-time Arabian souk streets. 

Safety too Security:
Each store equipped with latest safety systems including cams. These safety systems are connected direct with Dubai Police. Mind yous at that topographic point non uniforms police delineate patrols scattered or thus the Gold Souk. Anyone endeavor to sell Gold, a safety officeholder volition live called to confirm the identity of the seller. Security inwards these areas are excellent. 

Other Gold Souks:
Well, yous tin abide by almost same pattern of Souk inwards Bur Dubai side, the other side of the creek, with gilt shops line up.  Other inwards Karama, Satwa too inwards shopping malls.  Most of the Gold shops yous volition noticed are line upward unopen to each other.

Gold too Diamond Park:
In recent times, yous tin tell the advanced Dubai Souk came upward too to a greater extent than novel gilt shopping souks were built such equally Gold too Diamond Park along the Sheikh Zayed Road too others inwards dissimilar areas or thus Dubai.

Dubai-Mall-InsideGoldSouk-1-cp.JPG" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">Dubai-Mall-InsideGoldSouk-1-cp.JPG" height="640" width="488" />

Gold too Diamond Park add together to a greater extent than texture to Dubai to live really urban centre of Gold. Dubai reputation inwards Gold & jewelery is becoming fifty-fifty to a greater extent than rigid alongside the visitors, residence too tourists.   The common expanse is huge too adjust dissimilar facilities inwards Gold too jewelry business. Also human activity equally Free Zone, duty complimentary zone too including 100% unusual ownership. So the Gold too Diamond Park is a competitive identify for shoppers too best identify for manufacturers too retailers. Fully backed upward past times the government, with 24-hour security.  

All facilities are available for Gold craftsmen to perform their work. Also the place is centrally located correct inwards the concern ticker of Dubai. The common alone offering the highest touchstone character of gilt too diamonds, also visitors convey chance to acquire to a greater extent than nigh gilt too how the designs are made. 

Gold Souk Locations inwards Dubai 
Deira Gold & Spice Souk:
Location: Creekside, Deira
Open hours: 9am-1pm too 4-10pm, Fridays 4-10pm

Bur Dubai Gold Souk:
Location: Opposite Bank of Baroda, 34th Street from Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai
Timings: 9am-1pm & 4-10pm. Fridays 4-10pm

Satwa Gold Souk:
Location: After the charabanc lastly toward Satwa R/A
Timings: 9am - 1pm too 5pm - 10pm

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