Place to visit in Dubai: Retorika Coffee, Kelapa Gading

Before I went to Dubai, 2 weeks ago, I had an urge affair to produce regarding my mandatory writing almost i advertorial. I idea I won't larn plenty fourth dimension to produce then inward abode since I direct maintain to await afterwards my baby. So I decided to direct maintain my 'me-time' precisely to produce that advertorial affair exterior abode hehehe... After my woman rear allowed me to become out, I went to Kelapa Gading expanse precisely to respect out which java store or cafe that best suited for spending several hours typing. I considered to respect a modest but cozy java store or cafe amongst fantabulous wi-fi access too of class a homey ambiance. There are many inward Kelapa Gading nowadays, but based on recommendation from my nutrient blogger's friend @cole_lense, I works life Retorika Coffee hiding inward Jalan Kelapa Kopyor Raya, adjacent to Wisma Gading Permai too inward i lane amongst the famous Bakmi Aloy. 

This java store is indeed a modest identify every bit I wanted to be, dressed downwardly minimally amongst elementary black-and white interior too touching on of industrial affair inward several sides. They direct maintain iv areas actually, front end area, primary area, upstairs expanse too backyard area. I works life their backyard was soooo homey amongst a cute wood-swinging too woods tabular array too chair. And what I honey the most was they render electrical socket everywhere, almost inward each side of the wall. Lucky me, I came hither non inward the weekend or afterwards constituent hours, then I works life the java store was serenity too roomy (I idea this identify volition gonna last then packed inward the weekend too they remove to a greater extent than air conditioner specially inward the backyard, I could imagine how hot it is!) 

What's special from their java shop, for me personally, is their get-go impression on the customers. Though the choices of java too nutrient are yet limited, but the real welcome smiling too greetings of the possessor who also human activity every bit the barista was a slap-up pace from them. The possessor kindly served us amongst several choices of java from capuccino, long black, espresso to affogato too roughly manual brews amongst local java such every bit Aceh coffee. They also offers roughly non-coffee beverages such every bit greenish tea latte, cherry-red velvet latte to choco latte. From the food, they alone direct maintain modest choices of breads too croissant too roughly Indonesian's traditional snacks such every bit ragout risoles too fried cassava. Oh btw, produce non heed to inquire the possessor for the infused H2O since they render a free-flow infused water. You tin compass the sack accept it close the cashier table. 

Iced Capuccino (35K)
I pass several hours hither amongst my best companion, my hubby. He ordered this elementary Iced Capuccino amongst low-cal texture. For me this cappuccino also adjust to my palate, a lil flake creamy amongst hint of chocolate too nut too non also bold every bit I'm the individual who savor low-cal java than something bold. 

Iced Red Velvet Latte (35K)

This was also my favorite. I tasted existent cherry-red velvet flavour amongst a low-cal sweetness too twist of kokosnoot flavor. Best savor when the H2O ice yet freeze, when it's going melted too mixed amongst the water, the cherry-red velvet flavour was but going tasteless hahaha...

Fried Rice (28K)

Since my wife didn't direct maintain his luncheon yet, then he picked this Fried Rice. Retorika genuinely doesn't direct maintain many choices of mains yet, but for me it's okay since the java store supposed to sell alone signature java too roughly low-cal snacks right. But thanks, they're but selling this affair though the sense of savour was then thence at to the lowest degree it's fulfill my hubby's tummy. 

I genuinely savor my fourth dimension hither specially amongst the high-speed wi-fi too the homey ambiance. I didn't experience intimidated amongst the waiter operate on seeing my tabular array every bit if they strength me to become every bit I experienced inward roughly java shop. Here, I experience similar I works life my minute abode hihi. I precisely promise inward the hereafter they extend the expanse since the customers operate on coming every hr too I believe amongst their kindness, the customers volition last increase double. Thank y'all Retorika Coffee. Will last dorsum to direct maintain my adjacent 'me-time' at that spot ;-)

Retorika Coffee
Jl. Kelapa Kopyor Raya 
Blok M1 No. 8
Kelapa Gading, DKI Jakarta Utara
IG: @retorikacoffee

Operating hours : 09AM to 09PM
Free Wi-Fi : Yes
Free Electric Socket : Yes
Alcoholic drinks : No


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