Nice Dubai International Celluloid Festival

Film festivals across the globe are gaining credence as well as importance inwards attracting tourist at organising destination. There are diverse celluloid festivals that are existence promoted every bit the festival of item finish similar Dubai Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival, Santa Barbara Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival as well as many others. These celluloid festivals are lucrative chance for the organisers, finish managers as well as Government to promote the tourism. This newspaper covers diverse aspects of Dubai International Film Festival as well as its impact on tourism.

is ane of the major sources of revenue for Dubai apart from its natural fossil oil resources. The visionary leadership helped Dubai to diversify from its traditional fossil oil job concern to other businesses. Dubai is known every bit ane of the best shopping destinations inwards the world. Its strategic location, advance as well as developed infrastructure as well as potent political scheme stimulate got helped it to constitute itself every bit ane of the 10 almost visited places inwards the world.

Dubai has too gained importance every bit an trial finish inwards the recent past. There are diverse national as well as international events organised inwards UAE as well as bulk of these select house inwards Dubai. These events tin live on from sports to celluloid festivals. Dubai International celluloid festival is the biggest celluloid festivals inwards the Middle East that covers Arab pic solid as well as provides a platform for the growth of the tourism manufacture (Dubai International Film Festival, 2010).

The festival gets coverage inwards international as well as state media. This becomes ane of the reasons for people visiting the Dubai during the events. The festival has dissimilar amusement value inwards damage of the programs as well as performances organised during the festival. The official website of DIFF (2010) claims that
 Now inwards its 7th year, DIFF has established itself every bit a major international festival, spell continuing to serve every bit a premier showcase trial for Arab cinema, as well as contributing to the evolution as well as growth of the regional industry.

According to Kirchner, manager of the UK of Britain as well as Northern Republic of Ireland as well as Republic of Ireland example part of the Dubai Department of as well as Commerce Marketing, said Dubai maintains its put every bit a leader inside the part past times demonstrating the mightiness to successfully diversify its economic scheme whilst sustaining consistent growth(Dubai Growth Increasing, 2007).

This newspaper covers diverse aspects of DIFF amongst abide by of tourism industry. The environmental analysis of the social, economical, technical, political as well as legal aspects allows agreement the job concern surroundings for DIFF. On the other paw strategic analysis of DIFF helps inwards identifying the opportunities where this trial tin leverage on as well as the areas where it needs to improve.

Impact of DIFF on
This trial started taking house from the yr of 2001, as well as established itself every bit a leading celluloid festival inwards the Middle East, Asia as well as Africa. This too impacted the growth of tourism during the festival past times increasing the growth charge per unit of measurement of national profit, investments to attain the brusque term to long term improvements (The Impact of inwards Dubai, 2010).

The festival has left an indelible impression on its guests, manufacture professionals as well as viewers, through its events, workshops, seminars as well as principal mandate of presenting the finest alternative of pic solid from all over the world. DIFF is a frontrunner inwards promoting ameliorate cultural agreement through creative achievements inwards film. (DIFF, 2010)
During the Dubai International Film Festival the commercial activities across the industries as well as sector increases. It provides lucrative opportunities for the hotel as well as leisure businesses. Dubai is a shopping sky for millions. This adds to the determination of people to visiting Dubai during these celluloid festivals. According to Jones (n.d.)

Thomson Holidays inwards the UK, to a greater extent than than 80 per cent of Britons innovation their holidays later seeing a location on the large screen. One inwards v admits to having made a pilgrimage to a finish theyve seen on film, amongst New Zealand (the Lord Of The Rings trilogy), the Greek isle of-Cephalonia (Captain Corellis Mandolin), Thailand (The Beach), Republic of Malta (Troy) as well as Republic of Kenya (Out of Africa) topping the listing of opor-garai spots inspired past times a trip to the local multiplex, or an level inwards amongst a DVD.

Tourists regard it every bit a multiple chance i.e. they tin see the celluloid festival, regard their favourite actors, actresses, directors, musicians as well as other professionals, bask the landscape as well as local attractions of the house as well as practise shopping.  From the air ticket buy for arrival to divergence of the guest, every economical activity contributes to the GDP.  The tourism job concern has significantly increased the publish of visitors who wants to regard the Dubai international celluloid festival (DIFF, 2010).

Other Attractions

Tourist Attractions
There are 2 faces of Dubai  old Dubai which has a glorious past, amongst its ancient mosques as well as one-time markets as well as modern Dubai includes sleek architecture, towering skyscrapers as well as beautiful artificial islands.
The tourist attractions include the Dubai museum, see landmarks similar clock tower or port Rashid, camel racing etc. Shopping is the primary attraction for tourists.    Government of Dubai is known for its promptness to save its surroundings as well as go far to a greater extent than beautiful as well as attractive. Even though, Dubai is situated inwards the extreme climatic atmospheric condition amongst days real hot, the plantations, cleanliness as well as overall presentation of the urban center has been focus for Dubai government. Several greenish initiatives are lately disclosed past times the authorities of Dubai include the greenish edifice strategy as well as novel ecological developments across the Dubai for the environmental sustainability. This is the final result of increment inwards growth of the tourism manufacture (Sulayem, 2008).

It is estimated that l of the worlds cranes are at go inDubaion projects worth 100bn (twice the World Banks jurist for reconstructing Iraq). On the Jumeirah Palm, the Trump Hotel  Tower are a prestigious improver to the portfolio, due for completion inwards 2009. The 330-room, 25-storey Ritz-CarltonDubaiand the Armani HotelDubaiin the BurjDubaiTower, are due inwards 2008. The worlds get-go underwater hotel is good underway as well as due to opened upward this yr (the projection volition comprehend 27 acres of seabed). (Wells, 2007)

The shopping festivals organised past times Dubai authorities as well as merely about twoscore themed based malls is Dubai give the feeling of shopping paradise to the shoppers. There are many souks as well as boutiques that heighten the consumer experience. Dubaiis too positioning itself every bit a middle for medicaltourism past times offering world-class facilities as well as luxurious surroundings. TheDubaiHealth Care City was inaugurated inwards 2003 was developed at a toll of 4.1bn. This attracts patients from across the globe (Wells, 2007).

The Dubai Government is taking diverse initiatives inwards monastic enjoin to brand the tourism to a greater extent than attractive as well as give tourist a wonderful experience that tin create discussion of oral fissure as well as attract the re-visits. There are diverse offers, special schemes, discounted rates of go as well as lodging services as well as other benefits offered to the visitors.

SLEPT Analysis

Social Factors
Dubai is an Standard Arabic speaking as well as likely the almost advance countries of the Gulf region. The population of Dubai consist of nearly fourscore pct of the non nationals. Majority of those are Asian, especially Indians (nearly 42). The non-nationals are mainly the migrant workers or people who stimulate got gone for ameliorate earning opportunity. Despite of the fact that Dubai is an Islamic country, people bask considerable liberty inwards damage of vesture as well as lifestyle. The western influence is affluent here. The gild consists of potent articulation as well as nuclear family. The Arabs trust their menage unit of measurement members as well as networks get-go for job concern as well as whatsoever form of commercial activity. The etiquettes are real of import inwards the social civilization of Dubai.

Political Factors
Dubai is has the constitutional Monarchy. The potent political scheme of Dubai as well as visionary leadership has been ane of the prime number reasons of the robust growth inwards the social as well as economical areas. From commercial to healthcare services, authorities has been improving to render world-class services to all its inhabitants as well as visitors. UAE is a fellow member of United Nations, The Arab League as well as Gulf Cooperation Council.

Economic Factors
UAE has potent economic scheme as well as economical growth. The recession has striking its existent state, fiscal as well as tourism sectors. However, province has recovered from it effectively due to potent fiscal reserves as well as appropriate policies. According to Dorr(2007). Economy Dubai is the second-wealthiest emirate. The 1966 regain of fossil oil led to rapid economical growth, which was wisely invested inwards infrastructure for other industries, such every bit merchandise as well as tourism. In 2005, solely 6 pct of Dubais gross domestic production came from fossil oil sources. Free merchandise as well as tax-free zones stimulate got sparked a nail inwards unusual job concern as well as existent estate. The emirate is too clearly staking its claim inwards the tourism market, hoping its nearly 6 meg visitors inwards 2006 volition jump to fifteen meg past times 2010, making it the top opor-garai finish inwards the Middle East.

Dubai is ane of the costliest cities inwards the world. The toll as well as measure of living is high inwards Dubai.
Legal Factors
The legal scheme gives equal handling to all irrespective of nationality or ethnicity. Laws as well as rules are strictly followed as well as implemented. This is the argue for depression law-breaking rates as well as corruption problems. The character of production labelled as well as sold tin non mismatch every bit the consequences on the shopkeepers tin live on every bit high every bit removing them from the business. This helps inwards ensuring what is available to live on sold is upward to the quality.

Technological Factors
Dubai has advance technological environment. From the meshing urban center to the subway scheme network, the purpose of advance technology scientific discipline is prevalent every aspect of job concern as well as society. According to the BBC (2010) news, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known for its opulent seven-star hotels, tall buildings as well as shopping centres symbolic of a gild driven past times aspiration.

The technological improvements tin live on experienced amongst every experience of tourist from improving invitee experience as well as their loyalty records, purpose of RFID, purpose information technology scheme to generate revenues, maximising internal operations through cutting-edge technologies as well as integrating greenish technologies to practise goodness the bottom line, organising conferences as well as seminars, organising events as well as many other crucial activities of tourism (Etn, 2009).

SWOT Analysis
Strength                                                                                                                                                       The policies are favourable. Dubai is to a greater extent than known for its commercial benefits than the natural landscapes.
The evolution of the tourism sector explores the economic scheme of Dubai past times the improvement of the infrastructure inwards the country. Dubai has huge investments inwards the areas, especially on roads, airports as well as the construction of subway scheme etc. (The Impact of inwards Dubai, 2010
Dubai is too gifted amongst coastline, beaches as well as diverse landscapes where the to a greater extent than multifariousness of activities tin live on done.

The countrys traditional sports similar falconry, camel racing has a potent attraction for tourists. inwards Dubai is an of import part of the Dubai governments strategy to maintain the menses of unusual currency into the emirate. In 2004 the UAEs gross domestic product was US105.2 billion. Economists calculate the 2005 existent gross domestic product growth charge per unit of measurement at 8.2 percent, amongst gross domestic product exceeding US132 billion.

The Film tourism adds other attraction to Dubai. The trial is advertised as well as communicated through diverse medium. The international stars larn attraction for millions of tourist during the celluloid festival.

There is no such major weakness for Dubai manufacture as well as the Film festival event.
Dubaiis oftentimes defendant of looking similar a edifice site but if so, it is the biggest as well as boldest inwards the world. (Wells, 2007)

Dubai has been criticised for existence consumerist society, discrimination to the Asian workers as well as dissimilar standards of treatments to workers from Asia as well as developing countries as well as to the developed countries similar USA, UK, Deutschland as well as others.

Dubai celluloid festival is seen every bit an extension to the same.

Dubai international celluloid festival provides a expert chance to the tourism industry. People dearest to spotter their celebrities as well as stimulate got hold back of the glamour globe they regard on the screen. This creates a lucrative chance for the Dubai . On the other hand, this provides an chance to promote the province on the international platform. There are diverse packages as well as special deals on travelling, hotels as well as restaurants services available to the guest. People tin buy the lowest fare tickets as well as bulk hotel for their remain to attend the celluloid festival held inwards Dubai.

The unfortunate environmental trends tin bear upon the go business. In the recent past times the threats from the terrorism organisations stimulate got increased. Any negative incidence inwards the celluloid festival volition select negative publicity to Dubai every bit well. However, the safety of the Dubai makes it a rubber destination.

The put of the Dubai is the leading tourism finish as well as commercial hub inwards the world. The policies as well as strategies of the Dubai tourism authorities is to potent the economic scheme of Dubai through
The evolution of the maintain tourism
To give the unique experience to the visitors which include character service as well as pass their coin inwards a rubber environment
To offering modern promotions of Dubai commerce as well as tourism opportunities
The farther evolution of the partnership amongst our manufacture stakeholders. (Sulayem, 2010)
The Department of as well as Commerce Marketing as well as Government of Dubai to operate the management scheme inwards accordance amongst ISO90012008, ISO14001 2004 as well as OHSAS18001 2007.

Its aim is to fully satisfy their customers requirement, render rubber as well as friendly surroundings at workplace to their employees, contractors, visitors as well as other interested parties to run across all relevant laws as well as regulations to attain the goals of the tourism. (Sulayem, 2010)
The Department of as well as Commerce Marketing has 2 primary responsibilities. One is to promote the international Dubais commerce as well as tourism involvement as well as the instant aim is every bit the principal authorization for planning, supervision as well as evolution of the tourism sector inwards Dubai. (Dubai Department of as well as Commerce Marketing, 2008)

Figure 1 Countries participated inwards Dubai Film Festival

Source Official Website Dubai Film Festival
The Dubai authorities should organise this festival every yr as well as therefore that numbers of celluloid stars as well as thousands of viewers are visited at that spot to bask the celluloid festival as well as other traditional civilization of Dubai. People bask the traditional civilization of Dubai during this celluloid festival. It helps the job concern of tourism a lot. In 2008, Dubai lonely received to a greater extent than than 7 meg hotel guests amongst hotels boasting 84 pct occupancy rates - the highest inwards the world, (Sulayem, Bin, 2008). Over 120 airlines serve Dubai international airdrome flight to to a greater extent than than 200 destinations, 34 meg passengers used the airdrome inwards 2007 accounting for 27 pct of the air traffic inwards Middle East as well as Africa, he said. With hotels prepare to increment to 500 past times 2015, the growth inwards room numbers from 47,000 hotels as well as total apartments to triple inwards 2015 including the globe biggest hotel project, the Al Bawadi project.

The celluloid festival brings expert chance for the tourism sector every bit good every bit the overall economy. This chance is created past times the organisers.

Dubai Film Festival is a professionally organised trial where inwards dissimilar departments as well as organisations participate. The meshing worth of this festival is high. It offers a sustainable growth chance for the country. Therefore the significance of the DIFF is growing amongst the time.

The authorities should aim at leveraging on this item trial inwards all possible ways. There are diverse cultural activities as well as events organised amongst the DIFF. There are certainly areas of DIFF should live on focused. These are every bit follows

Marketing as well as promotions
The clarity of message as well as data is needed. There are iii types of communication goals for the DIFF. First is to inform target audience as well as create awareness regarding the event, the instant objective is to remind people regarding the trial as well as tertiary is to assist them amongst data of taking activeness inwards favour of attention the event. The communication procedure as well as innovation tin live on prepare amongst the assist of the same.

Financial aspects
Discounts, offers as well as schemes during the festival tin promote the sale of goods as well as services. Consumers should larn the feeling of getting value for their money.

The procedure of participating or attention trial should live on hassle costless or to the lowest degree hassles. Information centres should live on created where people tin larn data easily regarding diverse queries from management assist to the eating seat services information. People involve inwards invitee service should live on given adequate grooming inwards invitee welcome as well as linguistic communication trainings should live on given.

The shipping facilities should live on good maintained as well as easily available.

Feedback system
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 proper feedback machinery tin assist inwards improving the tourism services as well as heighten overall consumer experience.

Each as well as every requirement of the client should live on professionally handled as well as entire experience from air tickets, visas, go insurance, unusual telephone substitution or whatsoever other special assistance should live on planned good ahead. All brochures as well as presentable fabric are good organised as well as good produced. They deport amongst their customers inwards a expert fashion as well as courtesy. These kinds of steps stimulate got to live on taken to increment the job concern of tourism.

The Dubai Film Festival provides fantabulous opportunities for tourism industry. The job concern accomplish on the ground of usual understanding, trust as well as personal relationships. It is real of import to build on these to increment the growth of the business. The DIFF offers lucrative chance to the tourism sector. From the planning to the post service trial process, tourism sector should maintain the interactivity amongst client past times providing fantabulous service as well as feedbacks on their experience. This volition assist keeping grade of services high as well as increment the consumer loyalty as well as positive discussion of mouth. Dubai has a competitive payoff over other tourist destinations every bit it has tourist attractions, natural landscapes, beaches every bit good every bit shopping avenues which is a real expert packet for whatsoever tourist.

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