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Stumbling on Happiness

"You'll never sympathise until it happens to you"

Readers Discretion:

H5N1 friend of mine asked me a favor to portion her "love story" It's non mine :)

Enjoy Reading! :)

Believe or not? Rather Confused.

I don't believe inwards this quote. Because I never experienced it before. But something has changed.
Falling inwards honey alongside someone is a wonderful experience. Particularly if that somebody does honey you.

But what close if the somebody yous honey the most doesn't similar you? or that somebody wants exclusively sexual practice as well as non love? or there's no conduct chances of existence inwards a human relationship motion it is non possible?

Are yous gonna halt loving that person? Do yous desire to give about infinite for about fourth dimension to think close it? or only travel out it as well as deed on?

"I fell inwards honey alongside the incorrect somebody at the incorrect time." 

That's what my hear is thinking close as well as my pump does the other agency around.  

I was as well as thus depressed thinking close it. Should I overstep along sending this somebody a individual message?
My twenty-four hours is non consummate if I cant mail a message to this somebody a elementary hi's as well as hellos followed yesteryear a response, makes my twenty-four hours complete.

We've been chatting for a long time. We've fifty-fifty met once. I met this somebody thru dating app as well as nosotros started chatting together. Until it reaches the signal that nosotros demand to run across up.


I met this somebody thru online dating app. We telephone commutation about messages until nosotros telephone commutation about facebook work concern human relationship as well as we chatted privately. It lasted for a year. Until i day,  I was at Dubai for about operate as well as I remembered this person. So, I was like, How close a meetup? So nosotros decided to run across after work...

I was as well as thus nervous as well as having this chills downwards my spine. This is my root fourth dimension to run across someone online. I never tried coming together up. The root fourth dimension I saw this person, I was like, for real? This somebody looks dissimilar on the pictures.

It is a coincidence that I have the souvenir from my Country on my backpack, It's the t-shirt that I promised to give if we're going to run across up. So I did. We exchanged about conversation, it lasted exclusively for v mins as well as I left motion I'm inwards a hurry for another reason.

After the meetup, until now, nosotros are yet exchanging about conversation.

Reality Slaps - Truth Hurts

Then i day, it reaches out to the signal as well as this somebody told me that it's non possible to overstep us inwards a relationship. I similar this somebody as well as I told this somebody frankly that its to a greater extent than than friends but the reply was it's non fifty-fifty possible.

People Change from Time to Time

I don't know what happened to this person. I was clueless. I kept thinking close dissimilar thoughts Why this somebody all of a precipitous changed instantly. Did this somebody discovery someone else? Is this somebody a player? etcetera.

" We could yet live friends but don't message me if its necessary " this somebody advised me to discovery about limitations inwards bespeak questions every bit to its rattling uncomfortable.

We are yet chatting until now, but it's non similar before. I desire to nation something interesting conversation to this somebody but I'm a chip worried close the effects later.

I think a meg times. Not to disturb or inquire about unnecessary questions to this person.
I'm yet adjusting. But sooner or later,  Maybe, I volition larn used to it.

Move On

I prepared myself for this situation. Teary-eyed, I told this somebody that I totally sympathise the situation. That nosotros are non meant to be. It is hard to bring the reality but instead of avoiding it, I yet comprehend it because this is only a challenge. I Am yet immature as well as I am yet on my agency to finding the correct somebody for me. Struggles? Difficulties? Its only a business office of our life.


Without challenge, You wouldn't live successful. Same every bit Love, The to a greater extent than difficulties the higher the chances that yous volition really discovery your loved one. Don't rush things easily. As what I conduct maintain said, it's non the correct time. And I'm yet young.  Other people constitute at that topographic point honey when they larn older. For other people, they telephone telephone it luck since its taking a long time. However, for me, i call it Destiny.

It all that counts

Moving on, despite how much I honey this somebody but I don't larn anything inwards return. Though I don't await anything from it.

I know that a lot of people yet loves me. First as well as foremost; My God, Second My Family, as well as lastly My Friends as well as People surroundings me.

I'm a chip emotional. I approximate I cant think whatsoever article so, I only desire to portion about pocket-size component of my honey life - Princess.
And my apologies if I kept repeating the give-and-take "Person" I know its redundant.

That's all for now

Thanks for reading as well as reckon yous on my side yesteryear side weblog :)



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