Chugging By Paddy Fields - The Konkan Coast

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 develop journeying across the Konkan Coast (Western Maharashtra, India) is 1 of my favourite chugging trips!

Lush light-green paddy fields with thrifty farm folk attention to their crop.

Of course of written report monsoon especially brings out the best inwards this portion only it's slap-up whatsoever fourth dimension of the year!

To sense the Konkan Coast, conduct keep a develop from Bombay to Goa: the Mandovi Express (day train) or Konkan Kanya Express (night develop only most 24-hour interval fourth dimension when it crosses southern Maharashtra) with a host of other trains traversing this line.  

All inwards a day's (hard) work...

Chugging past times shades of green
A mosque amidst the greens
A picayune temple past times the roadside

Geometry inwards Nature!

Monsoons pick out out the best inwards the Konkan region
Step out for a stretch at Chiplun station

My all fourth dimension favourite develop journeying - the Konkan Coast


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