Sunday Morn At The 'No Advert Teh Sarabat Stall'

On a brilliant together with sunny Lord's Day morning time inwards Singapore, the missy together with I stepped out for a cosy girlie breakfast.. (read - likewise lazy to brand breakfast at home). 

Wanting to bring to a greater extent than or less simple, wholesome, local fare - nosotros decided to caput out to 1 of the oldest Teh (Tea) stalls known…

Tucked away inwards a niggling corner on Baghdad Street, this quaint niggling hole-in-the-wall cafe has been serving upward steaming Teh Sarabat (‘Pulled’ Milk Tea) since 1956 together with is maybe 1 of the cheapest local breakfasts you lot tin bring inwards Singapore! (I haven't yet flora anything cheaper… nosotros bring lately relocated from Bombay to Singapore together with am even together with thus converting dollars to rupees - together with thus inexpensive frequently way yay!!)

The 'No Name Teh Sarabat Stall'

The cafe didn't bring a cry board for many years (still doesn't bring one) together with was eventually christened ‘No Name Teh Sarabat Stall’. At the stall, an old, bearded exactly rattling energetic Mr Zamir Ahmad, passionately serves upward a frothy loving cup of Teh Sarabat, something he has been doing for over 40 years now. 

Teh Sarabat or Teh Tarik - is a hot milk tea drinkable made alongside dark tea together with condensed milk. The tea is 'tarik'ed (pulled) past times pouring it from 1 loving cup to to a greater extent than or less other together with back. Such 'pulled' tea is commonly served at Malay or Indian Muslim stalls (but maybe else where equally well) inwards Singapore. This version of tea is said to bring brought inwards past times the Indian-Muslim immigrants into the Malay Peninsula shipping service World World II. In fact, inwards Malaysia, Teh Tarik along alongside Nasi Lemak are declared a business office of the national nutrient & drinkable heritage.

Zamir Ahmad 'tarik'ing a perfect frothy loving cup of Teh Tarik

The stall also offers to a greater extent than or less lip smacking snacks (seemed freshly prepared together with non together with thus oily) - chicken samosas, fish cutlets, nasi lemak packets to go, murphy puffs together with fresh buns alongside kaya & butter.

Seated on the al fresco tables on the side walk nigh the stall, I sampled 1 each of the chicken samosa, fish cutlet, murphy puff together with the fresh buns (Yeah, I tin truly consume all that past times myself) along alongside Teh Sarabat.. The missy was happy to nibble on the buns alongside kaya & butter. All that for less than S$ 8 … ! 

Sumptuous Snacks - Chicken Samosa, Fish Cutlet, Potato Puff together with Bun alongside Kaya & Butter

The Teh Sarabat was a tad sugariness for my sense of savor exactly frothy, flavoured together with comforting - this 1 goes into my listing of comforting teas (like the practiced quondam ‘tapri chai’ from Bombay or the ones I bring written nearly before - Çay inwards Turkey together with Lebu Cha inwards Kolkata).

The frothy loving cup of Teh Sarabat

We thanked Zamir Ahmad Chacha (Chacha - hindi for uncle) - who on hearing us verbalize Hindi mentioned that he had relatives dorsum inwards Mumbai. Happy to listen the Bombay connector together with satisfied alongside a sumptuous Lord's Day breakfast, nosotros strolled farther to explore Arab Street.. 

Getting There:

No Name Teh Sarabat Stall,
21, Baghdad Street, 
Singapore - 199660.

Nearest MRT: Bugis (East West Line & Downtown Line)

Landmark: Opp Kampong Glam Cafe on Baghdad Street 

Average Price of Breakfast: S$ three (breakfast for 1)

Must Try: Teh Sarabat, Chicken Samosa, Potato Puffs

Kids volition love: Buns alongside Kaya & Butter (grown ups volition beloved it likewise :))  

p.s. - I must elevate how challenging it is to write a blogpost nearly ‘Teh' without it beingness auto-corrected to ‘The’ similar a gzillion times ;-) LOL ... Auto Correct - Off!


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