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The population of Bogota, Colombia currently stands at 8.8 1 1000 one thousand too the urban marrow merely about sits at 8, 669 feet higher upwardly bounding main score inwards Colombian Andes area. The urban marrow has a relatively tardily orientation too 1 tin visibly come across the eastern mountains piece at the city. For y'all to larn a fossil oil thought of how large Bogota is, sympathise that the alone cities inwards North American that trounce Bogota every bit far every bit size is concerned are alone New York City too Mexico City. In damage of cultural, political too economicsal developments, Bogota ranks amongst Berlin Buenos Aires, Dubai, Washington D.C. or San Francisco. As such, travelers should know that this urban goal is earth shape rated. 

San Diego is a famous tourism district of Bogota where y'all tin savor a panoramic, beautiful persuasion of Bogota city. The tallest edifice inwards Bogota, Torre Colpata, is flora inwards this district. The Republic of Colombia National museum or Museo Nacional was started inwards 1823 too the fortress structure has been built with brick too stone. During your visit, y'all tin bring a downtown tour of Bogota urban marrow during the twenty-four hr menstruum too to hold out honest, no visitor skips Downtown where at that topographic point are affordable dining too lodging options. As such backpackers too budget tourists tin bring a corking fourth dimension inwards Downtown which is every bit good closely located to famous attractions inwards the city. 

Festivals too performances inwards Bogota are rattling mutual too visitors tin savor dissimilar types of performers, magic shows, alive music etc. y'all tin purchase crafts every bit y'all socialize with the large crowds. Iberoamerican Theater Festival is ideally the biggest earth theatre festival which y'all must cheque out. Soccer game is a vital aspect of Bogota’s life peculiarly at the El Campin Stadium. Hiking is an enjoyable activity also. You tin purchase a broad arrive at of local products similar the cheap handicrafts every bit good every bit jewelry, java based items, leather wallets, shoes too handbags too dresses every bit well. Major shopping malls are such every bit the Santa Fe, Unicentro, Gran Estacion, La Zona T too other highly affordable too beautiful looking shopping malls stocked with all sorts of goods.


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