Great Crescent Satelite Tower - Incredible Dubai Tower

Dubai is a overstep move destination to many. The metropolis is emerging every bit a catch of tourism inward recent times. New skyscrapers are beingness erected to add together to the attraction of the city. Already in that place are in addition to thus many extraordinary tall buildings inward the city. Dubai hosts the tallest edifice inward the world. But it doesn't appear to goal its scream for of adding amazing buildings. Dubai Crescent Luna Tower, a one-half Luna shaped structure, is going to live on erected inward the metropolis inside few years. 

American based pattern company, Transparent House, has proposed an amazing pattern of the amazing structure. The Crescent Luna Tower is supposed to live on erected inward Za'abeel Park inward Dubai, UAE. It volition live on a 33 storied edifice on the banks of the Caspian Sea. It volition live on a down-turned one-half Luna in addition to volition symbolize Dubai every bit belonging to the Islamic world. This Crescent Luna Tower volition every bit good larn a manifestation of the modern degree of technical in addition to economical evolution of Dubai.

According to the design, the construction volition adapt a children’s library, a conference facility, a restaurant, multiple cafes, in addition to an open-air observation platform. The pattern of the Crescent Luna Tower is intended to brand the edifice a multi-purpose destination. It volition larn a pop tourist destination alongside the locals in addition to foreigners alike.


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