Burj Al Arab –The World’S Almost Luxurious Hotel


In 1993, architect Tom Wright of WS Atkins took on the challenge of creating this groundbreaking superstructure. From the real kickoff Burj Al Arab was planned in addition to designed to perish the icon of Dubai. It was to go extravagant in addition to luxurious, a reflection of its Standard Arabic heritage in addition to traditions of hospitality, a beacon to lite the city’s future. Construction began inwards 1994 in addition to involved 3000 companies in addition to contractors; 250 designers from the UK, USA in addition to Dubai; in addition to 3500 workmen on site at whatsoever given time. It took 2 years to reclaim the isle inwards the shore waters of the Arabian Gulf, in addition to a farther 3 years to erect the magnificent landmark. Burj Al Arab’s doors officially opened on 1 Dec 1999

Structure in addition to Exterior Design


At 321 metres to a higher house ocean level, Burj Al Arab is the tallest all-suite hotel inwards the world. It stands proud equally 1 of the tallest buildings inwards the globe in addition to the tallest unmarried construction on a man-made island, taller than the Eiffel Tower in addition to a mere lx metres shorter than the Empire State Building.


Designed inwards the cast of a billowing Arabian dhow sail, Burj Al Arab represents a pregnant tribute to the nation’s seafaring heritage. Burj Al Arab continues the nautical topic established past times its sis hotel, Jumeirah Beach Hotel in addition to the Wild Wadi Water park. Read more
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