Fly To Fujairah Or Conduct Maintain A Fujairah Flying Past Times Seawings Seaplane

‘banana’ breakwater is the protection that it gives to seaplanes similar those belonging to the Harbour Club (located inwards this facility) is a corking house to piece of occupation yesteryear away a java earlier you lot piece of occupation out in addition to celebrate amongst the gulp of your alternative upon your return.

At the 2nd these flights are available on Fridays in addition to Saturdays simply equally quest picks upwards Seawings could move available on other days.

Ready for Take Off
Get a small-scale grouping together, brand an query in addition to house a booking at Fujairah inwards Focus and/or Experiencing the Emirates in addition to you lot volition have a 5% discount. Do this yesteryear phoning Seawings at +971 (0)4 8070708 or emailing at this address:

Get a Taste of the Seawings Experience
Check out this brusque video on the America’s Cup inwards the UAE, nine Oct 2009.

UAE’s Gulf News Web Site Gets a Makeover, Experiencing the Emirates, eleven Oct 2009.

Have You Seen the New ‘Banana’ at Fujairah UAE? Fujairah inwards Focus, ten Oct 2009.

Hugh MacLeod on the Key Element inwards the Best Stories, Stories for Speakers in addition to Writers, eight Oct 2009.

Dr Geoff Pound

Geoff tin dismiss move contacted yesteryear e-mail at geoffpound(at) on Facebook in addition to Twitter.

Image: Seawings bird arriving on its lawsuit flying amongst Captain Scott Macdonald inwards the cockpit. The novel Fujairah base of operations amongst the distinctive ship-shaped marina edifice is inwards the background.


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