The Turkish Çay As Well As Closed To Conversation...

One of the most refreshing drinks that I bring always had (after the Indian ‘cutting chai’) is the Turkish çay.

Pronounced equally ‘chai’, the Turkish çay is dark tea consumed without milk. In most parts of turkey, yous volition oftentimes notice locals huddled up, catching upwardly on a drinking glass of çay, a fume in addition to a game of Okey (a Turkish board game). Men, Women, youngsters, couples – everyone sips upwardly on their favorite drinking glass of çay… It’s most the national drinkable of Turkey!

And similar it is many countries, çay tin assist brew upwardly many conversations..

Once at Selcuk (Western Turkey), çay helped smasher a conversation betwixt my thence iii twelvemonth one-time immature lady in addition to a senior gentleman at this café – they caught upwardly on a chat for most xxx minutes! He spoke Turkish in addition to she Hindi – neither understood each other’s linguistic communication – simply they had, what nosotros thought, a really meaningful conversation. He fifty-fifty helped her amongst coloring sketches inwards her book. Like they say, a grin in addition to to a greater extent than or less tea – tin assist yous connect amongst anyone inwards whatever country!

Through our twenty strange solar daytime remain inwards diverse parts of Turkey, nosotros had çay every unmarried solar daytime – 5-6 times a day..!  I unopen my eyes in addition to tin notwithstanding larn a whiff of the odour & flavour …  I recall I am going to sign off instantly in addition to larn begin me to a greater extent than or less ‘chai’.

A refreshing loving cup of çay

Catching upwardly over a loving cup of çay - at a commons inwards Selcuk
Some çay, smoke in addition to a game of Okey - contrary the roman aqueduct, Selcuk
My immature lady & the Turkish gentleman catching upwardly on a conversation at a local cafe

My daughter's novel 'friend' helps her color her sketch mass


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