Dubai destinations: The Concept Of 'Maamsir' Together With Other Far-Eastern Nuances!

Ma'amsir! Ma'amsir! 

What was that noise? I turned roughly to see an enthusiastic, far-eastern gentleman shouting inward what appeared to endure my direction. 

I turned roughly in ane trial to a greater extent than to check. I was the solely somebody inward the immediate vicinity - this was a serenity weekday inward the Ibn Battuta Mall. 

Ma'amsir!! - Ice cream Ma'amsir?!? 

I turned roughly again. The aforementioned enthusiastic gentleman was waving frantically. In his correct mitt he held an empty H2O ice cream cone which he was at nowadays hurriedly waving nearly similar his life depended upon it!

Ice cream 'Maamsir?'

Yep, definitely me. Apparently I was the target in addition to to endure referred to equally 'Ma'amsir.' Visitors in addition to residents may endure used to hearing this somewhat annoying phrase really frequently. 

But it's origins lay elsewhere. The term 'Ma-amsir' patently originates from the far-east in addition to is a peculiarly mutual sales seem inward the Philippines. 

So simply what IS a 'Ma'amsir?'

As is often the representative with slang terminology, Urban Dictionary offers the best answers:

'A bi-gender pronoun used politely to refer to an private ane does non know. Typically used past times store employees to address customers. (Most popularly used inward the Philippines.)

Good even maamsir, would you lot similar to drive our novel lotion collection?' 


'A pro-noun used to address ladies, gentlemen, in addition to variations thereof. 

Most unremarkably used inward the Philippines where people are unsure whether you lot are a human or a woman, or simply can't endure bothered to state the difference. 

A phrase patently quite pop inward the Philippines!

The final highlighted arguing seems to endure on the mark. It often seems that the term 'ma'amsir is adopted when the vendor can't genuinely endure bothered to heighten their caput to position the potential clients gender. Just move straight inward with the pitch! 

Who is 'Ma-amsir?' 

This seems an tardily one. You are, i.e. whatsoever potential client is 'ma'amsir!' It in all likelihood seems a unique concept to whatsoever ex-pats out hither equally at that topographic point aren't also many far-eastern sales employees (at to the lowest degree inward the UK), but it seems that the phrase has reached the full general populace with abundancy inward the middle east. 

The customer: unremarkably referred to equally 'Maamsir.'

'Ma'amsir' has teach a mutual exclamation inward shopping malls across the city. Those who are well-of hearing may stimulate got heard its extension to those of other cultures inside the sales domain who don't utter peculiarly fluent English. 

When is Ma'amsir? 

When shopping or doing whatsoever leisure activeness where coin is exchanged it seems! Tourists in addition to residents alike seem to endure fair game to vendors who oftentimes drive to garner their attending through the operate of this perplexing phrase! Ma'amsir seems to endure used peculiarly often during busier periods of the solar daytime when the sales somebody cant endure bothered to position the customers gender, or the discover of people inward the group!

Where is Ma'amsir? 

Shopping malls: Natural habitat of the 'Ma'amsir' 

Shopping malls. Areas of high footfall seem peculiarly probable locations to stimulate got the phrase 'Ma'amsir' shouted frantically inward your full general direction! Restaurants too. It's non uncommon for your server to refer to you lot (and indirectly your group) equally ma'amsir for the duration of your meal!

To endure brutally honest, it's most probable a phrase you'll run into inward areas where far-eastern staff are probable to endure widely employed typically the service sector.

Why is Ma'amsir? 

Culture in addition to convenience! It's a far eastern seem that seems to stimulate got institute its way across the world!

So at that topographic point nosotros stimulate got it. I promise that's shed some lite on a phrase that initially baffled me upon my arrival here! 

**Further Observations 

Have you lot ever been served inward a restaurant, in addition to had similar staff to the inward a higher house grovel roughly you lot the whole fourth dimension in addition to so once you've paid the neb seemingly completely forget every final item of who you lot were!

It's similar you lot all of a abrupt teach invisible! 

The customer: Attended to until the neb is settled!

It seems a mutual philosophy with far-eastern staff the globe over, the client is ever correct until the client is no longer the customer! 


For far-eastern sales staff, it seems every advisable chance is an additional sales opportunity! 

Tea, java Maamsir? Perhaps a desert? I don't call upwardly I've ever been pitched so much at a eatery earlier until encountering a Filipino server! 

Sales Opportunities: Tea, coffee, perchance a desert? 

These are past times no agency criticisms of the service, It is impressive in addition to skilful selling!however it is apparent that they accept sales mightiness to the side past times side level! 


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