Dubai destinations: Emirates Online Application Procedure Together With Photos

Hey all!

Having previously applied (very recently) for a seat alongside Emirates Airline for Cabin Crew, I promised myself I’d postal service my thoughts in addition to advice whatever the resultant then hither goes!

The argue I want to percentage is that whilst at that spot was enough of fantastic resources available to candidates (I’ll listing these inwards business office 2!)
I felt at that spot was room to clarify further data for manlike someone candidates, in addition to tips for the online application process. 

Therefore, I’m to a greater extent than than happy to disclose the admittedly express data I know!

Emirates: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 advert synonymous alongside lineament inwards the field. 

Getting Started 

Right, the bulk of you lot probable are already aware of this, all the same if you’re novel to this no problem! To have an invite you lot demand to register here 

Alternatively you lot tin attend an opened upwards twenty-four hr current if at that spot is 1 inwards your local area. You do non cause got to apply online for an opened upwards day.

It’s a relatively hassle-free procedure in addition to the online portal is fantastic in addition to slow to use. 

Be warned though you lot volition demand to include TWO PHOTOS - then cause got them prepared! 

Either professionally taken, or taken at abode is fine I believe merely meet the criteria. I took mine on an Iphone v in addition to had no issues!  

The get-go is a head in addition to shoulders photo where you lot are dressed inwards job concern attire - then learn formal! The minute is a total length torso photograph - over again formal!  

Both photos tin travel taken yourself but should travel against a neutral background alongside your hands placed yesteryear your sides inwards the total length shot. I highly recommend you lot SMILE inwards both photos. 

My ain photos were yesteryear no way professional, but they seemed to come across the requirements (I wasn’t asked to re-do at least) then I’ll include them below for reference! 

Head in addition to shoulders photo 

You volition desire to brand certain your photograph is passport sized.
To convert your submission delight click here.

Full Length Photo 

Sorry nigh the sizing! I had to narrow this out to essay in addition to cutting out a fleck of the doorway as
I couldn't convey a total length icon of myself. It seemed to travel acceptable though!
A neutral background is of course of instruction preferable! 

The CV

Along alongside photos you lot volition travel asked to include your CV. You tin ameliorate this on their ain portal to shorten it upwards in addition to delight do every bit although their organization volition convey a select handle of from the attached document, it may non travel inwards precise fellowship in addition to you volition desire to edit in addition to re-arrange your details to ensure everything is every bit you lot desire it. 

Key points look to travel fine for each previous role. I didn’t elaborate much, if they wanted to a greater extent than exceptional it was on the CV anyway. But prior employment, accomplishments, teaching are the essentials. 

If you lot tin brand certain you lot emphasize CUSTOMER SERVICE inwards your CV. Obviously this is crucial, then highlight your skills hither appropriately. 

Having said that brand certain your CV is concise. I’m non certain nigh Emirates inwards particular, but from experience recruiters tend to spend alone a brusque fourth dimension analyzing each applicant so you lot don’t demand to learn into besides much detail. 

CV: Sometimes less is more! 

Emirates of course of instruction has a fantastic reputation, in addition to every bit such many people want to travel business office of their cabin crew. A recent root suggested they learn every bit many every bit 15,000 applicants a month!

Finally, you lot volition travel asked the green contact details in addition to to sign a declaration. Once you’ve done all the steps higher upwards you’re practiced to go! 

You may reckon your application alter to a condition called ‘under review’ after sending. Do non worry this is a practiced sign in addition to it way they cause got received your details in addition to are reviewing them. 

Typically anywhere from 2-6 weeks afterwards you lot should learn a response. For me it was nigh seven working days. I’ve heard it tin travel every bit petty every bit 4 working days or every bit long every bit a few months to take away heed dorsum then please do non worry if it takes a while. 

Many people at my CV driblet off twenty-four hr current said they'd waited nearly a twelvemonth for their invitation then don't travel disheartened, if they cause got a suitable lawsuit for you lot they'll brand certain you're there! 

Patience: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 virtue!

Successful applicants at this phase volition have an invite to a CV DROP OFF - USUALLY BY E-MAIL then brand certain you lot check! Updates aren't ever visible on the portal.

If you're unsuccessful don't worry. Make whatever necessary alterations in addition to resubmit. 

This is where the procedure actually beings!

If you've got whatever questions I haven't answered experience costless to inquire in addition to I'll do my best to advise! 


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