Dubai destinations: Uae Tires Security Route Demo

UAE Tires Safety Road Show 
(UAE TSR Show)

""When you lot desire to grab fish, you lot necessitate to live on at body of body of water or river in addition to deed away from the mainland""

""You cannot live on a fisherman, if you lot bring never been at sea""

In add-on to a broad spread awareness inwards social media networks in addition to all over the internet, nevertheless i necessitate to become out at that spot in addition to promote the route security - inwards this illustration on Tires Safety to drivers on the UAE route who are likely most of them non fifty-fifty bring fourth dimension to sit down in-front of PC or laptop, allow lonely if they bring i in addition to read / larn all awareness that nosotros all promote. 

I'm planning to enhance the awareness inwards fifty-fifty to a greater extent than effective means on the UAE route itself. From immature to old, from saloon to container vehicles drivers, I volition ambit to them amongst a good excogitation security message on security tires of their vehicle.  
The UAE Tires Safety Road Show will live on roofing most utilisation of the busy roads of the province roofing to a greater extent than than 1,700km in addition to almost to a greater extent than than 25hrs stimulate depends on traffic in addition to stops.

When: Not decided but volition live on this twelvemonth 2014 

1st Route: From Abu Dhabi, Al Gharbia, Al Ain upto Ras Al Khaimah.


2nd Route: From Ras Al Khaimah, Um Al Quwain, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai in addition to dorsum to Abu Dhabi

I volition update on the progress.  Please lookout for #UAEroadsafety inwards tweeter in addition to facebook. 

Hassan Al Jabri
Traffic Safety Ambassador 


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