2017 Catch & Tourist Visa Prices

2017 UAE Visa Prices

Welcome to UAE Labours Platform, 2017 only start as well as people some the globe desire to move UAE peculiarly Dubai & Abu Dhabi to savour their tour past times visiting luxury shopping Malls, ultramodern architecture, lively nightlife scenes, globe bird services, facilities as well as much more.

We get got updated 2017 Visa Prices for our global visitors. 

Visit as well as Tourist Visa:

96 Hours
4 Days from Arrival Date
200 AED
Single Entry
30 Days (Non Extendable)
250 AED
Multiple Entry
30 Days (Non Extendable)
350 AED
Visit Visa
30 Days
350 AED
Visit Visa
90 days (Non Extendable)
790 AED

Note: Sponsor service charges are non include inwards higher upwardly list, Both Visit as well as Tourist visa’s required a refundable Deposit, Deposit sum tin sack live 500 AED to 2000 AED, inwards uncomplicated words it depends upwardly to the sponsor, former they utilize without deposit.
So, it is improve to lastly service charges as well as Deposit Amount earlier proceeding.

Required Documents for Visit & Tourist Visa:
1: Copy of Guarantor’s Passport, Emirates ID or Visa.
2: Copy of Visitor/Tourist Passport.
3: Visitor/Tourist Passport size Photograph alongside White Background.

1: Validity of Passport should live to a greater extent than than half dozen Months.
2: Face on Passport size photograph should live clear.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is working On Visit Visa is allowed inwards UAE?
No, According to Interior Ministry of United Arab Emirates, working on Visit or Tourist visa is illegal inwards all states of United Arab Emirates.

Q: Under which visa Work is allowed inwards UAE?
A Person tin sack solely function if he get got a valid usage (Limited/Unlimited) Contract or approved Visa past times the Ministry of Labour or Concerned Free zone Authority.

Federal Law No 6:
Employing or getting employed inwards whatever province of UAE without a valid Employment Contract or Visa is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE written inwards Article eleven of the Federal Law No.6 of 1973 regarding Immigration & Residence, states:
"The alien who obtains a take in visa may non function anywhere inwards the solid position down alongside or without pay or for his own”.

Q: Is at that topographic point whatever Fine if caught working on Visit/tourist visa?
A individual who caught working on a take in visa volition live fined 50,000 AED or to a greater extent than as well as volition human face upwardly ban past times UAE Immigration.
Any private employing a visitor who is inwards the UAE on a take in visa volition every bit guilty as the individual who get got upwardly usage on take in visa. As per Senior Interior ministry building officeholder “those who are employing take in visa applicants volition human face upwardly tough penalties”.

Q: What if someone didn't larn out solid position down later Visa Expiry?
You get got to larn out solid position down earlier give-up the ghost of Visit or Tourist Visa, inwards example if delayed y'all volition live charged 325 AED for the get-go solar daytime as well as 125 AED from the minute day.

Q: Where to Pay Fine?
You volition pay all fines inwards AIRPORT at Immigration desk earlier leaving the country.

Note:  If visa is issued to a person, he/she may non function for some other private or an institution without Approval of the Directorate of Nationality as well as Immigration alongside written understanding of the Individual or establishment.

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