Traffic Fine Discount (50% Inwards All Uae)

UAE Traffic Fine Discount for 2018

The Great Leader, His Highness Mr. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the crown prince of Abu Dhabi, has simply passed the ordered to Ministry of Interior to coordinate betwixt all traffic departments throughout United Arab Emirates together with implement a 50% (fifty per cent) discount on all traffic fines.
 has simply passed the ordered to Ministry of Interior to coordinate betwixt all traffic dep Traffic Fine Discount (50% inward all UAE)

Discount started on 2nd Dec 2017 amongst validity of ninety Days.
It’s hateful motorist tin pay all their traffic fines till the halt of March 2018 amongst 50% discount across United Arab Emirates to gratuitous their shoulders from heavy burdens.
This discount is a gift to UAE Residence from groovy UAE Leader on UAE 45th National Day.

Thousands of UAE Residents are thanking UAE Government through all social sites for their kindness, together with to live on honest they deserve this, nosotros direct keep to pay fine on all cases either nosotros direct keep coin or no, nosotros direct keep to adapt together with pay all dues earlier leaving country, together with yes this is non their showtime time, nosotros direct keep seen already bigger discounts yesteryear Government together with specific Traffic Departments fourth dimension yesteryear time.
This form of fellowship is really gainful together with profitable for the UAE Government too every bit for UAE Residents because thousands of expats who direct keep non paid their traffic fines due to depression income, no profit/saving or whatsoever other menage unit of measurement or fiscal issues.
They tin direct keep gamble similar a shot together with tin easily relieve one-half of their amount.
Again, delight complaint that this discount on all traffic fines is started on 2nd Dec 2017 together with volition halt within ninety days.
Below are the latest traffic violations list along amongst dark points together with fine amount, cheque out your violation together with pay your fine every bit shortly every bit possible to avoid hereafter issues.


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