Man Arrested Afterwards Breakfast Amongst Saudi Women

Egyptian arrested after breakfast with Saudi lady Man Arrested after breakfast with Saudi Women

A 30-second Video with Standard Arabic hashtag مصري يفطر مع سعوديهan egyptian having breakfast with a Saudi Lady” went viral on network peculiarly inwards gulf countries too Egypt.

This hashtag has been used over 113,000 times on Twitter, where it has give-up the ghost the centre of a cultural divide.

What is inwards the Video:
In the video, an Egyptian human being eats breakfast beside a adult woman wearing a full-face veil, who many assumed to live on Saudi lady.
Both the human being too adult woman briefly joke almost eating their breakfast together, with nobody else invited.

What is incorrect inwards the video:
The indicate which has caused the most consternation too turned a normal video into viral one, comes at the halt of the video, when the adult woman appears to feed the man, which shows its non only a breakfast but a appointment too.

Saudi Arabia Law:
This is inwards contravention of the police inwards Saudi Arabia, where inwards workplaces or eateries inwards shopping malls or nutrient courts such every bit KFC, McDonald's or Starbucks, families too unmarried men must sit down inwards unlike areas.

Women’s to live on sit down separately with total confront veil:
As per KSA Law too Traditions, women must sit down separately from unmarried men inwards populace places.
They are non allowed to comport out most activities without existence accompanied past times their manful mortal guardians, normally a manful mortal raise too husband, but mayhap a blood brother too a son.

Man Arrested:
The human being was arrested past times the Ministry of Labour too Social Development for Saudi Arabia, who afterward charged him of "committing several violations too taking upwards a post only reserved for Saudis".

Egyptian arrested after breakfast with Saudi lady Man Arrested after breakfast with Saudi Women

Many want’s adult woman to live on arrested non man:
Many Saudis on social media were highly critical of both the human being too the woman, with most people wondering why the human being was punished instead of the woman.

"I quest to empathise why men are constantly punished too non women," said Twitter user Malak. "I am a Saudi [woman] too I swear I desire them to punish her with him. Laughter, eating at the workplace... where are your limits?"

Some people meanwhile stressed that operate relationships should locomote past times gender, with Twitter user Tarek Abd Alaziz calling for colleagues to live on able to "joke or swallow or create anything else amidst the full general relations of humans".

Hammoud Alduhayian saidthat "developing jobs for Saudi women amidst foreigners is considered an explicit breakdown of customs, traditions, too values of KSA."

Reaction from Egyptians:
Many people from Arab Republic of Egypt reacted with surprise at the outcry from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia too wondered how anyone could live on arrested for what they regarded every bit an innocuous video.

Television presenter Osama Gaweesh said he is confused with the arrest, raising question: "Doesn't [Saudi Crown Prince] Mohammed bin Salman desire a new, advance, opened upwards Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with concerts too painting present theatres too beaches too a 2030 vision?"

While an Egyptian user, Sonia, called it a effect of "fragile egos" with Saudi men.
Egyptian arrested after breakfast with Saudi lady Man Arrested after breakfast with Saudi Women


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