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Technology that affects our agency of living...

21st Technology had gone farther every bit our agency of living had changed in addition to our lifestyle had a major upgrade every bit well.
And I can't deny that I arrange to this agency of living.

Major Throwback...

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 major throwback (When I was inwards a principal )that I recall when nosotros used to cause got a Sony radio cassette recorder at abode (until immediately it nevertheless be that my Aunt used to hear to some intelligence or local radio drama). 
I ordinarily hear to the FM Radio in addition to when my favorite runway volition hold out played on air so I volition activate the tape push on the radio that comes alongside a blank tape so that the radio volition tape it from the cassette tape. 

Gone are the days...

Compact disc purpose instrumentalist emerges during 2005. The popularity of this compact disc purpose instrumentalist has forced me  to purchase 1 of it ( genuinely the cassette tapes are no longer available in addition to it is almost phasing out that time) 

I had an old-school PC always in addition to is capable of transferring music inwards the CD. Though some hardware is non available for burning some disc that fourth dimension in addition to after on, my friend helped me out to upgrade it. So this is the fourth dimension where I learned how to "Burn" music to the disc. Burning music to the CD mightiness accept fourth dimension in addition to the music that you lot tin transfer depends on the size of the disc. Once done, you lot tin insert the disc into whatever cd purpose instrumentalist in addition to taste listening to it.

Fast forward-  My college days during 2009, The MP3 Player emerge in addition to is really pop that a lot of Chinese manufacturers who sells the mp3 purpose instrumentalist is everywhere.  I used to download some of my favorite tracks via Limewire or Frostwire without the noesis that some of them contains viruses that my Avira won't fifty-fifty notice it. Just connect the mp3 purpose instrumentalist into the reckoner in addition to a few mins of transfer so you're skillful to go.
Gone are the days indeed.

Call me Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Musicophile -A mortal who loves to music. 

I bet you lot cause got tried 1 of these tricks before. Just for the dearest of music.

Fast forrad to 2015. I started working inwards the UAE every bit an Overseas Filipino Worker. 
Have I mentioned that I'm an Apple enthusiast?

Apple Music: What is all about?

Apple Inc. Introduced the Apple Music final June 30, 2015.  
Apple Music is the novel music in addition to video streaming service made past times Apple.   And has xl Million subscribers. This novel digital production is at that topographic point offering inwards competitor alongside Spotify- The leader in addition to pioneer in addition to music streaming service in addition to has 180 1 G one thousand active subscribers every bit of July 2018.

Speaking of Apple. I was excited to hold out 1 of the xl 1 G one thousand users to acquire the three months gratis trial. That until today, It is nevertheless available.

And I tin tell that I am highly satisfied alongside using their service.
Apple Music user interface industrial plant perfectly along alongside the iOS - the operating software of the iPhone.


screenshot via Apple Music Website

It is also available for Android user. Just search the Apple Music inwards the play store, Sign inwards using your apple tree trouble organisation human relationship i.d in addition to presto your playlist volition exhibit in addition to cause got the selection to download the music so that you lot tin play it offline.

For those non-Apple users, don't worry every bit the streaming service is available every bit good on PC's, Android devices in addition to automobiles that supports apple tree motorcar play or Bluetooth enabled motorcar system.
I tested the Apple Music via Bluetooth using the motorcar of my cousin a Ford 500 Series in addition to it industrial plant perfectly. I am using the apple tree Music on macbook pro every bit well. 


One affair that I dearest nearly Apple Music is that it comes alongside a Cloud Locker.
This is the iCloud Music Library- this is the Apple Terms for storing music inwards your cloud. You tin shop upwards to 100,000 music via Apple Music in addition to it doesn't count towards your iCloud storage costs.

Apple Music features massive libraries that come upwards alongside 45 million tracks. And it offers a high profile album such every bit Taylor Swift, Beyonce, in addition to Jay-Z. That's a major wages for Apple Music subscribers in addition to they acquire the tracks every bit earliest compared to other music streaming service.

Apple Music is available every bit good alongside the Apple's Siri Homepod Speaker.

Features in addition to Availability

For the Curated Content- Apple Music render an intuitive option. So that users tin easily browse at that topographic point preferred content.

Options availability nether the Browse Tab are every bit follows:

New Music - See the latest tracks past times creative mortal curated past times Apple

Playlist- See the featured playlist curated past times Apple in addition to other playlist listed amid other users

Music Videos- See the latest apple tree music videos every bit per popularity every bit well.

Top Charts- See the overstep charts

Genre- You volition expose the Genre that you lot currently follow in addition to all other genres listed every bit well.

Apple Music has partnered alongside Beats 1 Radio.

Other "Radio Stations" is available every bit well.

Apple Music has a social media integration every bit well. It allows you lot to add together friends in addition to allow their icons look to what they are listening to. It reminds me of the Blackberry Messenger Service.


Please accept authorities annotation that Apple Music is non available in other countries, so mightiness you lot desire to depository fiscal establishment agree this link for your reference.


Apple Music Free Trial

courtesy of Apple Music 

So, if you lot desire to subscribe to Apple Music, You cause got the peril to acquire gratis for three Months.
Later, If you lot are satisfied in addition to decided to utilisation the service, you lot volition accuse every calendar month in addition to volition hold out credited on your debit or credit carte du jour or your telco provider (if they offering the service every bit well).

For the Apple Music Membership. Here's the Pricelist:

Family ( 1 Month ) AED 29.99

Individual (1 Month ) AED 19.99

Individual ( 1 Year ) AED 199.00

Student ( 1 Month ) AED 9.99

All prices mentioned are inclusive alongside VAT.
For to a greater extent than information nearly the pricing inwards your currency. You tin take in this link for your reference.

Economical Wise...

Being Economical is of import nowadays, in addition to I tin run into that most People are using mobile apps that are capable of downloading music content in addition to hear to it offline without paying at whatever cost.  And I don't deny that I'm 1 of them.
However, As what I cause got mentioned before, This applied scientific discipline affair had changed our lifestyle or the agency nosotros exit today. And outdated is a affair of the past.

I'm a Musicophile, I'm obsessed alongside Music in addition to I volition practice anything, fifty-fifty paying for premium but to hear to those tracks in addition to more. As this is the solely argue why it makes my 24-hour interval so productive.

So what are your thoughts nearly the streaming service?
Please comment, portion in addition to subscribe to my mailing listing for to a greater extent than fresh content!

Next fourth dimension again...



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