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Physical fitness is non only 1 of the well-nigh of import keys to a salubrious body, it is the dry reason of dynamic too creative intellectual activity.- John F. Kennedy

Exercise Regularly- Be tally to live on healthy.

It is tardily to say, however, for other people, its difficult to apply inwards reality.

I was thinking what article should I post service this week.
Then I scream back the gym fitness centre that I do catch regularly.

Barbell Fitness Gym

I late signed upwards for a gym membership amongst them.

This is Barbell Fitness Gym, located at Defense Road, Abu Dhabi contrary side of Maroosh Restaurant.

I started hitting the gym amongst them, concluding yr inwards November. Upon my completion of 1 month. I enjoyed a lot too I’m happy amongst the outcome. Then I renewed 1 time again for some other calendar month too and thence on.

Hitting the gym for v months onwards-  I noticed that at that spot were some changes to my body, non that much, but I tin run across a progress onwards.

Barbell Fitness Gym has a lot to offer.

From Losing Weight, Zumba to Body Pump.

Here are the price-list too the gym membership package.

You tin opt to asking a personal trainer equally well.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 well-experienced trainer volition aid you lot out during your gym session.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 really good equipped gym, however, it tin live on likewise crowded sometimes. Particularly during peak hours inwards the eventide from vii PM till 10 PM. So commonly I catch the gym afterward my move approximately xi inwards the evening.

Naser, Sunil, too Rajat volition deal you lot thru out the session. And volition guide you lot on how to purpose the equipment (particularly to the newbies who only started hitting the gym).

I do the treadmill for at to the lowest degree fifteen minutes too the trainer render me upwards some prepare exercises every week.

 If you lot desire a support, you lot instruct it. If you lot wanna only move out too live on left alone, you lot tin accept that too.

The place of the gym is really accessible. From Alwahda Mall to the nearest restaurants too commercial shops equally well.

The gym is good lit. The entire gym is painted amongst yellow- Studies demo that the important of the colouring xanthous tin live on warmth, cheerfulness, increased mental activity, increased musculus energy. The colouring xanthous helps activate the memory, encourage communication, heighten vision, cook confidence, too get the nervous system.

 Stairway to the gym


 Reception too Cashier Area

 Reception too Cashier Area

Meanwhile, the Ladies Gym Area is painted amongst purple. Purple is associated spirituality, the sacred, higher self, passion, 3rd eye, fulfillment, too vitality. Purple helps align oneself amongst the whole of the universe. So if women are doing some yoga exercises it mightiness live on helpful for them to focus at the same time.

Ladies Gym

Barbell Fitness, Provides locker room equally good for gents too ladies.

Results After Gym

My sleeping wheel improves a lot too makes me slumber better, gaining forcefulness too move a fleck slimmer. (though I soundless accept my belly fats :D )

We accept a hereditary of cardiac illness on my Father's side. My Dad too My Grandfather passed away because of cardiac arrest. On recent examination too consultation, my Aunt was diagnosed amongst post service myocardial fats on her artery that leads to coronary pump disease. This is really alarming for me since I got some of its symptoms.

Sleep Paralysis

I usually sense this occupation since I was a child, Sleep Paralysis (or close to expiry experience) may resultant inwards death. In fact, it is scientifically known equally Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome (SUDS) or Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome (SUNDS) If you lot are on the nation of SUDS, Trust me, It's a Nightmare too difficult to reinstate to your senses afterward it happens.


Since I started exercising regularly, I don't sense slumber paralysis anymore. I went for a full general check-up late too my cholesterol marking became normal. From 122 downward to 111. Proper diet, good hydrated too practise is needed. And I'm satisfied amongst the results. 


Overall, If you lot desire to instruct toned or fit. I highly recommend this fitness gym.

  • A broad multifariousness of gym activities are available. 
  • Friendly too well-trained staffs tin deal you lot inside the grooming session.
  • Well lit too capacious fitness gym
  • Well equipped gym
  • Affordable Gym Package for everyone.

You tin contact them via their official Facebook page past times clicking this link.
Or you lot tin accomplish Mr. Sunil at 0524265762.

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