Dubai destination s: Desert Safari: Fun Alongside Sands

It was all sands, all your eyes tin encounter are hills made of sands. The driver speed upwardly as well as hither nosotros go, straight to the operate past times of the sand colina as well as nosotros don't know what's behind it, cannot encounter since it was a precipitous edge.

Fun inward sand dunes
Seconds later on our automobile feels similar falling simply equally a roller coaster ride when you lot experience your trunk grabbed past times the gravity as well as what's asset you lot at the spot is of course, the seatbelt.

Super fun!

We screamed loud, thus happy as well as excited. All those maneuver at the sand dunes are simply thus fun as well as exciting, non equally much equally scary equally what some people intend almost speeding upwardly as well as downs those sand dunes; it was all fun as well as safe! The driver knows what to produce as well as how to grip driving on sand dunes, thus what nosotros gotta produce is simply sit, spot seatbelt on as well as relish the thrill.

There are some security rules earlier you lot hop onto this car. First you lot must e'er spot your seatbelt on, don't opened upwardly the window during maneuver as well as simply say the driver if you lot experience a combat dizzy.

Sands everywhere!
I intend I got the correct clothes for this safari
After the fun ride, nosotros halt at - of course of didactics - some sand dunes as well as simply relish the scenery filled alongside desert wherever you lot gear upwardly your eyes on. I simply wishing the are places alongside all sands because at that spot are some tree on those expanse as well as for me it would move thus exotic if nosotros got a spot alongside all sands, no tree at all.

She's beautiful, isn't she? :)
This is the best shot I tin larn haha
Another affair you lot tin encounter during the safari is the falcon show. Basicaly they volition present you lot how fast the falcon is, which is almost 300 kilometers per hr on average operate past times speed, wow! On this show, the falcon won't motility at those speed but fifty-fifty inward their "basic" speed, it was thus difficult for me to receive got the moving-picture present of the peregrine falcon spell flying, they simply motility thus fast - as well as I'm non a pro lensman also thus little dots of plane is what I got.

So lucky that an oryx came when nosotros await for the falcon show, it doesn't commonly look if they sense people are around thus nosotros are lucky :)
in front end of the camp

night at the desert
here comes the belly dancer
You tin encounter this falcon present earlier the safari alongside the automobile on the sand dunes, as well as after sunset all cars volition larn to the big campsite alongside opened upwardly tent as well as foods. The primary attraction on this campsite is the belly trip the lite fantastic show. The dancer's trunk is rattling supple, she tin curvature or twist her hips easily (of course, she's a belly dancer) as well as it's quite amazing to encounter how she tin motility her hips as well as belly :D

Milky means at the desert, photograph past times Yuriy Kulik
After all those show, nosotros thus relish the present presented past times nature: stargazing. They plow off all the lights at the campsite thus nosotros tin encounter the stars on the desert. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 sweetness ending earlier nosotros larn out to larn dorsum to the hotel.

Desert Safari is a mandatory affair to produce spell inward Dubai, as well as you lot simply receive got to believe me on that ;)

@marischkaprue - at the desert or at the beach, she loves sands

  • There are a lot of tour providing Desert Safari Tour, I went alongside Arabian Adventures, you lot tin encounter their parcel here
  • The cost for Desert Safari is 360 AED (Emirati Dirham) or around Rp. 1,2 juta per person. It volition include selection upwardly from your hotel, all drinks during safari as well as dinner, all attractions during safari as well as drib dorsum ride to your hotel.
  • It took around i until 1,5 hours from Downtown Dubai to the Desert Conservation Reserve where the safari took place.
Thanks to Emirates as well as DTCM (Department of Tourism as well as Commerce Marketing) Dubai for inviting me to Dubai. This is equally a purpose of their "See You inward Dubai" campaign. I went to Dubai alongside Emirates, they receive got a rattling overnice trace of piece of occupation organization class.

Visit Dubai alongside these fun people, glad to know you lot guys!


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