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CineRoyal at Khalidiya Mall Review

Been A Long Time

It's been a long fourth dimension that I was non able to brand a blog...

Anyways. I would similar to part my experience watching inwards cinemas hither inwards the UAE.

If I'm inwards the mood to sentinel to a greater extent than or less skilful movies. I merely larn guide to the nearest mall, which is slowly in addition to really accessible inwards the house that I'm staying.

Way dorsum inwards the  Philippines. I ever sentinel movies together amongst my trouble solid unit of measurement during holidays and sometimes together amongst to a greater extent than or less bunch of friends...or else...Just alone..lols.  I larn used to it amongst gigantic screens in addition to IMAX equally well.

But I was surprised when I tried to sentinel a 3D Movie from 1 of the cinemas abroad.
I'm expecting a much bigger shroud since they are to a greater extent than advanced when it comes to this stuff.

One matter that I'm going to weblog correct at 1 time is The CineRoyal located at Khalidiyahmall Abu Dhabi UAE.
One wages of buying a ticket is online. Since I however stimulate got a residue on my PayPal account. I was thinking virtually what I'm going to used to it. And since I'm on a repose twenty-four sixty minutes stream from work. So I decided to search to a greater extent than or less website that offers voucher inwards telephone substitution of paypal payment.

So i flora this website . And I flora out that CineRoyal accepts cobone vouchers.
So i kicking the bucket on the payment in addition to and then on. I got the voucher.

For to a greater extent than information virtually cobone vouchers. You tin see

The Main Entrance.
So...To larn far short. I already impress out the voucher in addition to introduce it to the counter in addition to they provided a ticket in addition to a complimentary snack.

Of course. Watching film amongst drinks in addition to popcorn is a must!

large is better, isn't it? :)

Some cinemas inwards the Philippines, Offers a regular drinkable in addition to regular popular corn. But i was surprised! All snack are provided amongst large servings! How awesome right? :D Thumbs UP!

Popcorn Overload!

This is the Hallway going to the cinema.
Its quite blurry motility my hands are shaking
(I'm belongings the drinks in addition to the popcorn btw..haha)

So far. My overall experienced watching inwards CineRoyal is 8 out of 10 :)
The Cinema shroud is quite modest compared to other cinemas that I've tried.
I was expecting a bigger shroud though.

The staffs are friendly in addition to really accommodating. The ambiance of the house is really nice.
And I'm comfortable. The Air status inwards the film theatre is great. Not cold and non warm.
Its merely plenty to brand me experience comfortable watching the movie.

After watching, I however stimulate got to a greater extent than or less fourth dimension to convey to a greater extent than or less interior of the Khalidiya Mall.
So hither it goes...

Those really intricate tiles..

Web perhaps? or I'm merely thinking of something else..

Okay.... That Standard Arabic font.. great!

Front Side of the Khalidiya Mall

Second Entrance

That's the mind entrance.


and this..

and did i nation they render a large drink? :D

Thanks for your fourth dimension inwards reading this blog. :)

Feel complimentary to part this on Facebook Twitter and delight similar my official YouTube Channel ETC!

Thanks in addition to encounter you lot on my Next Blog.. :)


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