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Discovering Abu Dhabi Thru Digital Age

Manarat Al Saadiyat- Feed your hear alongside the rich sort as well as civilization of Abu Dhabi

Sunset inwards Manarat Al Saadiyat

According to its website:

Manarat Al Saadiyat literally agency ‘ the house of enlightenment’.

It is a 15,400 foursquare meter arts as well as civilization center, designed to convey the vision of the isle to life through The Saadiyat Story. The venue also features iv gallery spaces.
Located on Saadiyat, this artistic venue houses exhibitions alongside international collections from precisely about the world, including 3 major galleries, a primal events gallery, sales center, 250-seat theatre, as well as restaurant.

The master copy galleries of Manarat Al Saadiyat flora of permanent spaces for a serial of exhibitions as well as educational programmes organized by Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority. This is occupation of an ongoing cultural programme dedicated to developing awareness as well as agreement of fine art as well as civilization prior to the launch of the Saadiyat Cultural District.

I've gone likewise many cultural centers as well as museums way dorsum inwards the Philippines. And I'm expecting the same concept. But I was wrong. It was indeed a refresher for myself. It took me ii hours to complete browsing the entire galleries. Composing of dissimilar events inside. The offset gallery was composed of the past, acquaint as well as the hereafter of Abu Dhabi. Gone from its native civilization it was but amazing.
From the Interactive videos that describe the hereafter of this special City.

The Saadiyat comes alongside 4 Galleries. Each Gallery consists of events from various organizations inwards UAE.

Gallery 1.

The fourth dimension nosotros visited, the organizers are introducing some various cultures, the technology scientific discipline of the future, existent estate properties and of course, the history of Abu Dhabi.

Check the pictures below. 

Backside of this wall is the Gallery 1

Inside of the Gallery 1

Wall of comfort :)

Hello Abu Dhabi

On-set projector betwixt within the gallery. The video was all close Saadiyat Island.

On-set projector betwixt within the gallery. The video was all close Saadiyat Island.

Real Estate Development

The Island...

All of us needs inspiration, right?

Guggenheim Architecture builds on the island.

Guggenheim Architecture laid upward within the island.

Pano Shot

The Island

Gallery 2. - It was unopen that fourth dimension for some reasons.

Gallery 3.

It was a perfect timing when nosotros visited the cultural museum. The people as well as organizer from Sheikh Zayed University (ZUO) was conducting an termination close arts as well as fashion. Other universities did joined the crowd too.

Check these photos:

Gallery 2

Gallery 2

Gallery 2

Main Entrance

Gallery 2

Last but non the to the lowest degree ....Gallery 4

Photography. If y'all are a photograph enthusiast as well as so certainly y'all volition appreciate the stuffs here.

The gallery was divided into 3 sections. These sections comes alongside dissimilar photograph themes. There was an entry from dissimilar categories. Raw as well as unedited pictures. Different pictures was hanged on the wall. From the best of the best photograph. The contest was opened upward for whatever nationalities.
I'm non into photography, but I e'er accept a selfies a lot. yay!:)

If y'all are into books having some bookworm moments. The library is best for you. See the grills, adjacent of this pano shot.?  Behind these  grills are books. About Abu Dhabi as well as other genre every bit well.

Hmmm. I wishing their was a majority buffet :) kidding ;) ....

Other pictures from exterior as well as within of the museum.

Enjoy :) 

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