Dubai Tourist Map: Dragonmart, Pearls As Well As Buggies

Enormous, confusing too exhausting, peculiarly on the kickoff visit, Dragon Mart is likely non for visitors to Dubai, but if yous alive inward Dubai too haven't been too hence yous are actually missing out.  There is real piffling that yous tin give the sack purchase inward Dubai that can't live flora at Dragon Mart at rock-bottom prices.  Hundreds of market-style shops selling a huge hit of products are arranged over more than a kilometre of the snaking curves of this amazing dragon-shaped mall.  The goods on sale hither are imported from China too many are sold at prices far below those inward whatever of the usual Dubai malls. 

While our husbands tin give the sack live persuaded to catch occasionally inward search of cutting cost electricals or garden slice of furniture (hugely expensive inward Dubai!), we ladies come upwards dorsum fourth dimension subsequently fourth dimension to scour the lanes inward search of furniture, fabrics, flowers too whatever of the other necessities of expat life.

Lai's pearl shop

H5N1 favourite alongside myself too my friends is Lai, the pearl lady.  Lai sells strings of pearls inward every coloring too size every bit good every bit strings of semi-precious stones too colourful plastic beads.  Once yous accept selected your string, Lai volition teach inward upwards into jewellery spell yous wait, too at no extra cost.  At my latest catch I had a bracelet too earrings made to check a clothing I'd bought inward Dubai Mall the previous day.  How luxurious to accept jewellery custom-made to match my clothes.  Another argue to honey Dubai!  In add-on to her talents inward jewellery-making Lai is a lovely woman, hard-working, friendly too kind.  Even when no jewellery is required, a trip to Dragon Mart is non consummate without at to the lowest degree 1 catch to Lai's. 

sparkling chandeliers

The eccentric layout of Dragonmart way that inevitably yous volition uncovering yourself circling too back-tracking too walking a lot farther than yous planned.  Fortunately Dragonmart shares at to the lowest degree 1 characteristic alongside the posher malls; the buggy!  Exhausted shoppers tin give the sack charge themselves too their shopping onto 1 of these pocket-sized electrical carts too for Dhr5 (around £1) volition live chauffeur driven to whatever holler for inward the mall.  Ever-patient buggy-drivers toot their warnings every bit they weave their way inward too out of oblivious shoppers too manfully grapple alongside their charge of featherbrained middle-aged women heading dorsum to that store they only can't seem upwards walking dorsum to.  As ever, Dubai makes certain that yous accept no excuse non to pass that 1 final Dirham.  One more reason yous only accept to honey Dubai!

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