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LBC Cargo 

How to Send Cargo from Abu Dhabi to Manila via LBC?

Filipino Way - Balikbayan Box

When Filipinos heard this give-and-take ''Balikbayan Box''. Pinoys tend to larn excited easily. And Expecting something from it.


Wonder why? Of course, Overseas Filipino Workers or OFW are larn used to or a taking wages of buying such sale items in addition to volition live on kept it inward that box for a dyad months. And when the calendar month of Dec is approaching, Its fourth dimension for the box to live on sent out inward the Philippines. Filipinos tend to shipping i calendar month earlier Christmas since this is how Filipino give gifts to everyone. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Filipino tradition that's been doing always since. Filipino agency indeed.


Before working equally an OFW. I am receiving such "Steyts Side" from my relatives or friends inward the USA.
However, to a greater extent than likely, regardless if it is from the U.S. of A. or abroad. Filipinos tend to tell it equally "Steyt Side" - (State Side) since its imported from abroad.

The feeling of happiness when somebody gave you lot about imported stuff?  Regardless if it is toothpaste or "Toblerone", Filipinos volition appreciate it equally this is simply i time inward a while. Some Pinoys volition fifty-fifty shipping it on social media. For others, its kinda weird, but for Filipinos, Who cares? It is just-so-you-know thing, And nosotros are happy close it.


When I started working inward the UAE. I promised myself that I volition live on sending out about materials from my Family.
Easy? Not really. I need to hold back for a sale of the groceries in addition to purchase promotional goods. And having a budget for these tin live on a flake skeptical since I need to produce the budgeting of my allowance in addition to other miscellaneous expenses.

It volition convey fifty-fifty months to sum the box. But eventually when its fourth dimension to seal the box?
Regardless of non having these materials on your end,  the happiness that you lot felt thence your Family is overwhelmed in addition to excited to have these stuff. It is Priceless. 


I late purchased a Smart TV. I shipping it thru LBC Express.

Since I shipping a balikbayan box earlier amongst them. My aunt received the box inward a proficient condition. No spillage of liquid items inside. Everything is inward proficient condition. After that, I am confident to direct this courier again.  So I did non hesitate to telephone band their contact oculus in addition to enquire what are the promo offers that they have.


Since I'm inward the UAE, The contact number of lbc is 800 522111- Toll-Free

The agent advised me that if the covert size starts at 48 to 50 inches. The accuse includes the crating volition live on AED630 or $172 currently telephone commutation charge per unit of measurement at the moment.

Its affordable compared to other courrier that I late inquired before.

Booking an appointment via at that spot contact oculus is really easy. However, you lot tin also schedule a alternative upwards via online. For me, I highly recommend calling at that spot telephone band oculus for its slow in addition to hassle-free. The agent volition enquire your specific location,  after which the agent volition cheque the availability of delivery squad to alternative upwards the box. 

Call Center timings are opened upwards from 8 AM till 12 Midnight.


In my case, the scheduled alternative upwards of delivery was the next day. So it was quick.

You volition pay upfront for the delivery squad in addition to they volition live on providing the receipt for the transaction in addition to the reference number volition live on issued for tracking afterward.


As far equally I notice, they update the tracking number, 3 days after accepting the box. 

And it took just 47 days to arrived inward my hometown inward the Philippines.

For your reference.
You tin take in at that spot website for tracking of your shipment inward this link.

I direct keep taken a screenshot of the delivery fourth dimension frame from UAE to Iloilo, Philippines.


If you lot are looking for reliable in addition to trusted courier service. 
Then you lot direct LBC EXPRESS. Friendly People volition live on assisting you. And the character of service is grade notch.

For to a greater extent than information close at that spot services. You tin take in their website past times clicking this link. 

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