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Happy UAE

Ever wonder why your mobile outcry upwardly is showing “Happy UAE” instead of your commons carrier’s name?

 Ever wonder why your mobile outcry upwardly is showing  <a href=DubaiDestinations: Happy UAE" id="id_2b82_4cb0_d98e_bc6f" src="" style="height: auto; width: 353px;" title="DubaiDestinations: Happy UAE" tooltip="" />

The argue behind? I'm not quite certain close it. 
However,  recent articles reported that with 156 countries worldwide, UAE  has been ranked at 20th house inwards the World Happiness Report.

Republic of Finland was named equally the World’s Happiest Country changing from 5th house end twelvemonth too replacing Kingdom of Norway from the tumble out spot. This was released Wednesday this month. 

So inwards regards to these events, telcos inwards UAE changed their brand cite into “Happy UAE”.

Did you experience the same?
Comment below :) 



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