Place to visit in Dubai: At The Acme Burj Khalifa Review


-The reason of opportunities for expats. And a well-known urban substance inwards the populace for its shopping spree at its finest luxury in addition to unique, futuristic modern architecture.

What's Up Dubai?

When you lot heard the give-and-take "Dubai" One affair you lot volition think nearly it, is at that topographic point famous landmark - architecture.

Apart from Burj Al Arab, One tall tower that dominates the entire populace is the Burj Khalifa. Also known every bit "Burj Dubai"

Construction From populace To The Sky...

The construction of the tallest edifice began inwards 2004 in addition to was inaugurated on Jan 4, 2010.
At the moment, The Burj Khalifa has been the tallest construction inwards the world.

A Must Bucketlist...

If you lot excogitation to see this country. One affair that you lot would non immature lady to see is the Burj Khalifa. An absolute bucket listing must do. This 830 meters tall tower dominates the skyline of Dubai in addition to it's human foot lies to the iconic in addition to famous dancing outpouring within the Dubai Mall premises.

How Much Does It Cost?

As an expat, I got the privilege to received an expats voucher discount for alone 75 Dirhams  (around $20.50).

The discount voucher is available within the Dubai Metro Station otherwise selected tube station every bit well.
I presented the discount voucher along amongst my Emirates I.D inwards the counter in addition to I got the ticket.
You tin pay yesteryear credit or debit bill of fare every bit good if you lot don't prefer cash.

Different Race From Different Countries- One Destination: At The Top

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lot of people are inwards a queue to pay, luckily I was the 2nd inwards line. And I noticed that most of the tourist are from Europe, China, in addition to Korea. It's actually fascinating to listen those Koreans utter to their linguistic communication ( every bit I Am watching Korean Soap Dramas,  As I knew some of the words that they spoke. Anyeong😃

After paying in addition to had my ticket, I was advised that I necessitate to acquaint in addition to demeanor the voucher along amongst my Emirates ID on the premises

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 guy (wearing a Candora - Emirati's traditional clothes for the gentlemen) welcomed me in addition to He inspects my ticket in addition to ID. After which, I was advised to move out along all my holding on the conveyor belt detail to items that remove maintain metals on it.

Security Check...

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 security personnel scanned my torso from shoulder to human foot side yesteryear side.
All these security measures are beingness implied to all the visitors every bit this is for the security of everyone.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 distich of staff are waiting, a few meters away from the security lane. And they got my attending every bit they invited me to stand upwardly behind the greenish background.

inset: middle- security conveyor in addition to photographers

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 huge greenish covert partnered amongst a professional person photographic television receiver camera in addition to bunch of apparatuses for them to edit your picture, I was advised that I necessitate to pretend that I am staring at the Burj Khalifa (behind the greenish screen) ( lol ) in addition to pretending that I'm standing behind the Burj Khalifa. It is mandatory for them to produce it every bit 1 time you're done touring the entire tower, you lot remove maintain the selection to remove maintain it every bit a souvenir. However, you lot necessitate to pay for it in addition to it terms 350 Dirhams. If non interested, but leave of absence it.

There's a dedicated trouble every bit good for the Sky Vip. For those who desire to pay extra in addition to experience the luxury 148th flooring at the top.

We are inwards a queue to expression for us to ride inwards the lift. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 narrow passageway going to the elevate in addition to few turns from correct to left ways, It is somehow rattling alley every bit there's an ongoing construction. While waiting,

There was a huge covert welcoming us in addition to showing a clip nearly Burj Khalifa, Behind the scenes footage of Mission Impossible -Ghost Protocol in addition to promotional video courtesy of Emaar - the existent estate evolution companionship who is behind of the tallest tower.

Moment of Truth...

An attendant leads us the agency going within the lift.
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 Capacious elevate operated yesteryear OTIS Elevator Company was behind of this fastest elevator.
We were to a greater extent than or less 12 people within the lift. As far every bit I remember, every ii floors are ii seconds in addition to every bit nosotros are reaching to the 124th, it took every bit 1 minute in addition to iv seconds every bit I am relying on my phone's recording.
You tin banking enterprise tally my youtube video for your reference.

The Otis Lift

As the elevate goes up, I tin also experience the pressure level within my ear picayune yesteryear little.

Superb Experience...

The experience was incredible. There were an added good in addition to visual presentation within the elevate partnered amongst a stray of multiple lights or some animation I guess,  ( it was nighttime ) in addition to a few screens for commercials in addition to promotion of the Armani Hotel.

At The Top Burj Khalifa 

Sheikh Zayed Road 

The 360-degree thought is incredible. I was in addition to then speechless!
The viewing decks are an absolute must for photos. Everything is visible every bit at that topographic point was a clear thought of the skyline. Though the conditions was hot at 43 degrees that I can't fifty-fifty purpose my iPhone's photographic television receiver camera every bit it needs to cool downwardly earlier using it.

high ascension in addition to Dubai Mall

125th flooring via staircase

The famous Sheikh Zayed Road, the interconnecting roads, twisting flyovers, futuristic buildings, the edifice which is nearly finished to construct, commercial in addition to non-commercial buildings, pocket-sized to big establishments, Burj Al Arab. Everything!

I made it!!

Its breathtaking thought of the Dubai Dancing Fountain in addition to the rooftop of the Dubai Mall tin live on seen every bit well.

The route going to Sharjah- the 3rd emirate side yesteryear side to Dubai is rattling clear.
I was in addition to then fortunate to run across all these structures every bit you lot can't predict the conditions that sometimes there's fifty-fifty a dust storm. It was perfect timing indeed.

Were allowed to remove maintain pictures on the 124th flooring in addition to 125th flooring only.
Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 staircase going to the 125th is accessible every bit well.

Both floors offering a souvenir shop. And has a virtual reality (VR) - Interactive I say,  for you lot to experience to a greater extent than nearly the tower.

The 124th in addition to 125th floors remove maintain at that topographic point owned split souvenir shops.

I spent my fourth dimension for ii hours at the top, taking the perfect picture, capturing the scenic thought amongst the deal of my Osmo Mobile ii (gimbal stabilizer).

I remove maintain some of the pictures below.
I use iPhone X  in addition to DJI Osmo Mobile ii for my 180-degree panoramic shots.

Enjoy! :)

At The Top Pictures...

From The Bottom To The Top Pictures 😆

Last Minute Pictures Before Leaving...

food stalls are available upon leaving the vicinity

The People Behind The Construction of Burj Khalifa

 More Pictures Before Leaving...

Souvenir Shop (Ground Floor)

Exit. Time to leave of absence afterwards ii hours... :(

In English

In Korean

In Tagalog (Philippines)


If you lot desire to conquer your fright of heights. Then definitely, You should endeavour this out.
I've been staying inwards this province for a long time, in addition to this is my start fourth dimension to see at the top.
It's a superb experience to see this landmark amongst friends or family,  perfect for Instagram or Snapchat :)

Thanks for reading my content.

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