Dubai destination s: Dubai - Where The W Meets The Marrow East

If London is where the Middle East meets the West, thence Dubai is where the West meets the Middle East. Dubai is a swirling dervish of towering skyscrappers, white thobbed men, dark abaya-ed women, as well as expensive cars. Dubai sets the stair for the Middle East equally it races into the future on magic carpets fueled on high petroleum prices.

Dubai is quintessentially Arab, nonetheless multicultural. Most of its residents are non-citizen Asians, alongside lots of Europeans thrown inwards for skillful measure. Its fashionable hotels accomodate over 10 i M k visitors a year, who come upwards to reckon Dubai's unique attractions. (see our site Dubai Top 10 Attractions,

Dubai is a too a blend of desert as well as sea. It has a gorgeous coastline alongside pristine white sand beaches, lined alongside palm trees as well as hotel rooms alongside views of the Gulf. There is shopping galore, golf game as well as nightlife, fine restaurants, field of the fine art malls, Gold Souks, Western Farsi Carpet Souks as well as sun, sun, sun.

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Photo:Jósa Levente Zoltán

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