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M together with MS Company - Mars GCC Invitation

A Sweet Taste of Summer- Chocolate 

Childhood Memories

It's a business office of my childhood days. Literally, I inherit this from my father, since he was a chocolate lover too. :D I retrieve when I was 8 years old. In the middle of the night. I was awakened because of a foreign crumbling audio from the kitchen. I peep out to my door's room together with I was surprised together with realized that it was my Dad, Who is eating a bar of chocolate. The crumbling audio was the plastic of the chocolate. Ha-ha-ha.! 

I idea it was a burglar...Lol... My Dad hides his cloak-and-dagger because he doesn't desire to construct us worried since he was having a Type two Diabetes. Which it runs to our blood.  So After discovering that my Dad has this illness. He secretly hides his cravings for chocolate.

Well plenty alongside the drama...Lol...

This weblog that I'm going to portion is all About Chocolate. Of course...

I'm a regular reviewer of products together with services provided past times Taskspotting.

TaskSpotting is an app that lets smartphone users hold off for "missions" inwards a nearby location using GPS for companies seeking information collected past times the end-user. With 300 missions online together with thence far, each mission listing tasks to places consumers frequent.

One of their clients is a well-known manufacturer of chocolate products- THE MARS GCC. 

One of the highlighted production was the Galaxy Chocolate Minstrels together with Ripple. 

Taskspotting offered me to review the production by sending the chocolates to me.

I received the product. Do the unboxing, taking pictures, giving feedback similar how does it gustatory modality like, the appearance, the packaging. Same physical care for every bit usual. This has happened a calendar month ago.

Again... I have an electronic mail from Taskspotting proverb that I was chosen to live ane of the people to see at MARS GCC. To construct a "signature creation" of my ain Milky Way chocolate! 

Now that's sweet!


Taskspotting inwards coordination alongside MARS GCC provided me a gate exceed inwards gild for me to teach into the Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority also known every bit JAZFA.
It volition accept ane hateful solar daytime for the gate exceed to live released.

Moment of truth.

Well, I'm hither now!

Hello, Mars! 

The Office of MARS GCC FZE

It is really strict inwards the JAFZA that taking photograph is non allowed.

I dear how the foyer looks like.Very unproblematic together with the wall? It's written the v Things that the companionship e'er exercise to its people, consumer together with nearly the product. It's similar similar to vision together with mission perhaps? And of course of report the pictures of M&M'S H5N1 mini Camel twine into a packaging of snickers, bounty together with other Mars product. I desire to accept a selfie but... You know it's non allowed.. #Sad :D 

There was a imbibe machine every bit good inwards which you lot tin flame direct whatever of the beverages that you lot desire to drink. I direct the espresso. Other options were the galaxy chocolate together with more.Pretty cool.

I cannot accept a motion-picture present of the foyer because it is non allowed. Again.. #Sad

We're alone three people invited. Supposed to live it was 4 including my friend simply for unopen to reasons, she did non construct it. 

Four people from the Mars Team assisted us during the entire session. One of them is Mr. Yann Hocquel -a Milky Way Product Innovation Scientist on Mars. 

He introduced together with utter over the history of the chocolate, how does the chocolate was made of together with how exercise they physical care for it. Stuff similar that.

Very informative indeed. After a few mins of discussions. We started to exercise our ain signature creations.

One of them assisted us inwards preparing the molder, the toppings, together with the liquid chocolate.

The to a greater extent than the meliorate :)

There is a mini tempering machine where nosotros tin flame teach the liquid chocolate.

"Mini Tempering Machine"-or a jargon buster.  As far every bit I understand. It's a minor machine that a liquid chocolate is stored inside, swirling together with comes out into a faucet similar a shape preset alongside a required temperature. Then the bike repeats itself. Of course, in that location is a piece of occupation why they kept it there.

Check out this link. "What is a tempering machine" for your reference. :)

Let's exercise this!!

The Tray Molder, Toppings, together with The Liquid Chocolate

looks who is messing around? JK. :D

After molding the chocolate, We seat it inwards the freezer together with waited for unopen to time.

Meanwhile ane of the Sensory Panelist discussed how does our gustatory modality buds works. 
She also discussed the fifth gustatory modality buds which are the "Umami".

Sensory Panelist

She conducts a gustatory modality examination of unlike chocolate brands every bit well.

She also discusses how does inhaling affects our taste. *something similar that

She also discusses the "liquor" which tin flame live constitute inwards the cocoa.

Types of "Liquor" 
After fifteen mins...

Moment of truth!!

This is my ain Signature Creation 

Custom Chocolate 😃

..with a shape of H2O ice cream cone... 

Here's the balance of the pictures.

Enjoy! :)

And of course of report the grouping motion-picture present :)

They gave us a handbag of chocolates too!

I dear it!!

Thank you lot for this ane time inwards a lifetime opportunity!

Readers Discretion: This weblog is sponsored past times Taskspotting. H5N1 visit to the headquarters of MARS GCC- Dubai UAE.

For to a greater extent than information nearly Milky Way Products.
You tin flame see the website
Or know to a greater extent than nearly Mars. Click here

Please exercise comment together with portion this :) 

Next fourth dimension ane time again :)



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