Dubaitravelattractionsmap: Best Parks, Beaches & Nature Attractions Inward Dubai, Uae

Parks inward Dubai

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Dubai provides beautiful parks in addition to beaches with all the required facilities for leisure in addition to recreation. Parks add together to the beauty of the surround in addition to moderate the temperature, All Dubai parks are managed past times the Public Parks in addition to Horticulture Department of Dubai Municipality. They include:

Mushrif Park

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: It is xv kilometres away from the metropolis see in addition to is the largest commons inward Dubai. Many facilities are available for families on to a greater extent than than xxx solid unit of measurement zones within the park. Apply online for swimming puddle membership from Dubai Municipality.

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Apply for annual membership from Dubai Municipality here.

Creekside Park

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: It overlooks Dubai Creek in addition to tin equally good survive accessed past times boat. It equally good has a landing pad for helicopters, a modest golf game course of instruction in addition to an amphitheatre accommodating 1,200 people. Apply for annual membership from Dubai Municipality here.

Al Safa Park

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: It is located where Jumeirah in addition to is particularly pop alongside women in addition to children. It includes a traffic hamlet to instruct children traffic rules. There is prepare that goes about the commons in addition to lots of recreational games.

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Apply for annual membership from Dubai Municipality here.

Jumeirah Beach Park

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: It overlooks the bluish waters of the Arabian Gulf in addition to has trained lifeguards, rescue boats in addition to helicopter landing pads for purpose inward emergency cases. Different desert plants are abundant inward the commons together with several stone formations.

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Apply for annual membership from Dubai Municipality here.

Al Mamzar Park

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: It is the instant largest commons inward the metropolis in addition to located within the Al Mamzar residential area. In improver to the park’s beaches, visitors tin savor the large swimming pool, which is divided into areas for children in addition to adults. The commons includes changing rooms, showers, lifeguard stations in addition to commencement assist facilities. There are equally good to a greater extent than than xxx barbecue sites in addition to visitors seeking privacy tin rent ane of xv chalets available there. Rent online from Dubai Municipality.

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Apply for annual membership from Dubai Municipality here.

Zabeel Park

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: It is situated betwixt Dubai World Trade Center in addition to Al Karama. It offers a 3-D moving painting solid in addition to educational in addition to entertaining interactive shows inward its Communications Zone, Techno Zone in addition to Alternative Energy Zone. Its expanse is equal to to that of 45 football game playgrounds, features about 3,000 palm trees with most 7,000 other trees of xiv dissimilar species. Dubai Municipality has launched a wireless Internet service for the park’s visitors. The commons provides a parking expanse accommodating 2,300 cars. Dubai Mall equally good offers the unique Dubai Aquarium in addition to Underwater Zoo.

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Apply for annual membership from Dubai Municipality here.

Membership at Dubai Parks

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Membership of some parks such equally Al Mamzar, Zabeel, Creekside, Al Safa, Jumeirah Beach in addition to Mushrif parks costs around AED 320 per adult or AED 640 per family.

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: To apply for membership online from Dubai Municipality, click here.

Park timings (except for residential expanse parks)

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: from Sun - Midweek from 08:00am - 11:00pm, in addition to Th - Fri from 08:00am - 11:30pm.

Beaches inward Dubai

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Dubai’s beaches are distinguished for their marvellous white sands in addition to clear crystal waters. Winter is particularly wonderful for beachgoers. Those who assay extra fun in addition to hazard tin indulge inward H2O sports. Beachgoers inward Dubai, however, must abide past times the regulations that prohibit alcoholic beverages in addition to provocative outfits.

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Dubai’s major beaches include:

Jumeirah Beach

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: The Jumeirah Beach is following to Corniche Street in addition to is unopen to Burj Al Arab Hotel in addition to Jumeirah Beach Hotel, extending along several kilometres in addition to providing lovely beaches in addition to barbecue spots. Trained lifeguards tour the beach circular the day, enabling a rubber surround particularly for children.

Al Mamzar Beach

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: It is business office of the famous Al Mamzar Park. The beach is marked past times its soundless water, which resembles the H2O of a closed a peaceful lake. Admission to this beach is on a nominal accuse in addition to you lot tin equally good reserve a chalet inward illustration you lot wishing to remain for the day.

Jebel Ali Beach

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: As it is following to Dubai gratis zones, it is known for its prestigious golf game clubs, luxury hotels in addition to resorts, equally good equally beingness following to the Palms with its luxury residential complexes.

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: For to a greater extent than data on beaches inward Dubai including timings, delight see Definitely Dubai from Dubai Tourism.

Water Sports

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: The warm Gulf H2O in addition to the shining Sun circular the yr convey made Dubai an ideal site for H2O skiing, spell the facilities provided for amateur in addition to professional person skiers convey helped Dubai gain fame equally a paradise for H2O skiers.



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