Dubaitravelattractionsmap: How To Become A Resident Visa For Your Parents Inward Dubai


DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: UAE expatriates, belongings valid resident visas having a minimum salary of AED 19,000 alongside accommodation or salary of AED 20,000 without accommodation tin larn 1 twelvemonth renewable resident visas for their parents or parents-in-law. In representative your salary is lower than this, you lot tin approach the Humanitarian Desk at DNRD, who volition bargain alongside private cases on a humanitarian basis.

As per regulations, you lot cause got to sponsor both your woman nurture in addition to begetter together in addition to exhibit proof that you lot are their sole provider in addition to that in that place is no 1 to cause got assist of them inwards your abode country. However, if your parents are divorced or 1 is deceased, you lot should deport documentary proof, when visiting DNRD to obtain the entry permit visa, which is the starting fourth dimension phase earlier you lot tin apply for a residence visa. You likewise take away to obtain a medical insurance policy for each nurture alongside minimum coverage of AED 600 per year.

Documents required for entry visa

  1. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Typed application form

  2. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Original passport of sponsor

  3. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Passport re-create of parent/s & 1 photo

  4. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Proof of human relationship from your embassy/consulate attesting both human relationship in addition to that you lot are sole provider for your parent/s

  5. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Copy of chore contract for the sponsor or salary certificate from employer.

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 novel requirement is submission of DEWA neb in addition to your tenancy contract showing you lot cause got adequate infinite inwards your household for your parents (minimum 2 sleeping room apartment).

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: You take away to larn your tenancy contract stamped past times the Land Department, certifying it is minimum 2 bedroom. In representative your tenancy contract does non advert that you lot cause got at to the lowest degree 2 bedrooms, in addition to therefore you lot take away to larn an affidavit from your landlord in addition to submit this equally well.


  1. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Take the documents in addition to become to General Directorate of Residency in addition to Foreigners Affairs - Dubai. Submit along alongside a missive of the alphabet from your side appealing on humanitarian grounds for entry visa for your parent/s. Enclose copies of all higher upwardly documents along alongside your contact numbers. The Approval Committee volition either confirm or spend upwardly your application inside ii weeks. If approved, become to side past times side step.

  2. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Have a registered typist consummate the form out after paying the fees.

  3. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Go to the residency department of DNRD in addition to mitt inwards the documents.

  4. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Entry Permit volition move sent past times Empost commonly inside 48 hours, or if you lot cause got applied for urgent visa, in addition to therefore you lot should have it from the counter inwards a few minutes.


  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: AED 2,000 refundable deposit (keep receipt safely for renewal or reimbursement, equally this is paid dorsum alone when the visa is cancelled or inwards representative your nurture dies)

  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: AED 110 application fee + typing middle fee (or pay AED 100 to a greater extent than for urgent application)

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Convert entry visa to residence visa for parents
Once your parents larn into the province alongside the entry visa, you lot must convert it to a residency visa no after than lx days from the appointment of entry.

Documents required for residence visa

  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Application form out & iii photos of parent

  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Original passport of parent/s in addition to sponsor

  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Original entry permit

  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Health bill of fare or medical insurance policy for parent/s

  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Refundable deposit receipt

  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Original chore contract or salary certificate of the sponsor


  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: AED 110 residency fees each twelvemonth + typing middle fee

  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: AED 100 urgent application (optional)

  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: AED 10 Empost fees


  1. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Do a wellness banking company correspond upwardly in addition to obtain a medical card.

  2. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Take the documents in addition to become to the General Directorate of Residency in addition to Foreigners Affairs - Dubai.

  3. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Have 1 of the typists in that place consummate the form out for you lot after paying the fees.

  4. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Go to the residency department in addition to mitt inwards the documents.

  5. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: The passport/s alongside the residency visa postage stamp volition move sent to you lot through Empost.


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