Dubaitravelattractionsmap: How To Renew Your Motorcar Registration Inwards Dubai


DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: You ask to renew your auto registration i time every year. If you lot accept purchased a novel vehicle, the dealer volition grip all formalities for the showtime year. From the instant twelvemonth onwards, you lot volition accept to renew your auto registration.

You tin renew your auto registration or driving license from whatever other emirate, irrespective of the rootage of documents or the vehicle. See media update.

You tin too renew your auto registration from selected insurance companies. These include Noor Takaful, Sultanate of Oman Insurance, Fujairah Insurance & RSA Insurance. The insurance companies would live on using the same physical care for as well as online facilities to supply the service that are beingness used past times the RTA’s client service centres as well as other approved agents similar Tasjeel, Tamam etc. See media update

Documents Required

  1. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Motor vehicle insurance certificate

  2. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Old registration card

  3. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: “Passed” auto examination certificate


  1. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Settle the payment of fines (if found); you lot tin depository fiscal establishment correspond as well as pay whatever fine at the Dubai Police website.

  2. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Go to Dubai Traffic Department /other emirates traffic subdivision or to (Tasjeel Eppco, Emarat Shamil or Belhasa's Wasel to accept the auto tested

  3. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Pay the fees

  4. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Wait for your registration carte du jour (valid for i year). In representative your auto is no longer financed past times a bank, exhibit the depository fiscal establishment clearance certificate.

  5. DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Take a sticker amongst the novel registration move out engagement as well as house it over the former i (on the bring upwards set out plate)


  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Car examination AED 120

  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Registration AED 340 tips

  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: New vehicles are exempted from examination for two consecutive years.

  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Some companies volition produce all procedures for an additional fee, including collecting as well as returning the vehicle to you. You tin too depository fiscal establishment correspond amongst your insurance company, since many accept introduced a free/paid service.

    DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: EPPCO Tasjeel 800 4258

    DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Shamil 8004559

    DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: Wasel 04324552

  • DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: If you lot don’t accept the fourth dimension to produce your auto registration, the RTA has a exceptional service called ‘Personal Appearance Service’. You produce a one-time view to whatever RTA client service centre, register your personal details as well as have a personal identification set out (PIN) on your mobile. You tin as well as thence post a representative amongst this PIN to produce your RTA licensing work, whether it is for i auto or multiple cars nether your name. Other transactions that tin live on done amongst a PIN include export, transfer as well as set out plate sale, though it must live on noted that afterward your representative’s visit, the PIN expires as well as for farther visits, you lot volition ask to produce around other ‘Personal Appearance Service’ to larn around other PIN.

DubaiTravelAttractionsMap: For to a greater extent than information, view RTA website. Or telephone yell upwards RTA's toll costless set out on 8009090.


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