Dubai Tourist Map: Aquara Brunch At The Dubai Marina Yacht Club

One of our favourite places to accept guests for brunch is the Dubai Marina Yacht Club.  The nutrient is delicious as well as in that location is a wonderful ambience.   You volition sure as shooting experience that y'all hit got joined a sophisticated crowd equally y'all heed to the soothing audio of the saxophone spell overlooking the splendid yachts of the marina.  Service is friendly as well as attentive as well as spectacles are topped upwards frequently.

The Aquara brunch has an impressive body of body of water nutrient department as well as this is where I tried my starting fourth dimension oyster.  Surprisingly I actually liked it.  Once you've had your fill upwards of lobster, crab as well as other mutual frigidness seafood delicacies y'all tin deed on to the primary course.  During the wintertime in that location is an opened upwards air barbecue as well as there is e'er an array of tasty dishes but, to last honest,  I could easily skip the primary course of teaching here.  I merely can't hold off to learn to the desserts...

Aquara has the best dessert department of all the brunches I've tried inward Dubai.  You'll desire to learn dorsum in 1 lawsuit to a greater extent than as well as again.

chocolate outflow as well as macaroons are a must

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