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I recall existence on vacation inwards Monaco years ago, in addition to watching the valet parking exterior the Casino at Monte Carlo.  Every few minutes approximately other fabulous Ferrari would pull upward at the bottom of the steps and its owner would leap out, leaving the engine running, in addition to stroll into the casino.  As they ascended the steps an eager parking attendant would paw them a carte earlier driving their supercar away to the automobile park.  It seemed to me the acme of glamour.  I never suspected that 1 twenty-four hr menstruum I'd alive inwards a place in which valet parking is for ordinary folk alongside ordinary cars.  But hither inwards Dubai valet parking is almost as familiar every bit brushing your teeth.  And it's when things larn familiar that they tend to select handgrip of yous out...

Burj Khalifa
We were invited to an event at the Armani Pavillion at the Burj Khalifa.  As alcohol would live on flowing freely it was suggested that guests valet commons overnight in addition to collect their cars the next day.  It seemed similar a skilful stance and, subsequently a lovely evening, we happily left our automobile at the hotel in addition to took a taxi dorsum to the Lakes.  No sooner had nosotros arrived dwelling menage than nosotros realised our error; the menage fundamental was dorsum at the other terminate of Dubai attached to the automobile key!  Fortunately my parents were visiting in addition to nosotros were able to wake them upward to allow us inwards otherwise we'd convey had to pass a nighttime inwards a hotel.  So, allow that live on a lesson to you; if yous are overnight valet parking, recall to hang on to your menage key.

Dubai Fountain from Armani Pavillion

Ah yes, in addition to earlier yous experience distressing for my pitiful aged parents existence woken upward inwards the nighttime because of our carelessness... it turned out that they had left the fundamental inwards the lock when they locked upward in addition to went to bed so, fifty-fifty if nosotros had remembered our key, nosotros wouldn't convey been able to larn inwards in addition to would withal convey had to wake them up! 

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