Dubai Tourist Map: Wild Wadi H2o Park, Best Dubai Attractions

Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai including the best attractions inwards Dubai which tin live used every moment a house to pass fourth dimension amongst household unit of measurement members. This house is situated inwards Jumeirah, about the Burj Al Arab.

There are diverse rides on Wild Wadi Water Park :

Breakers Bay
Current puddle is the largest inwards the Middle East, amongst a tiptop of nigh 1.5m waves. Although in that place is no historic current trammel to enjoying this arena, the children should stay nether the supervision of parents.

River Flood
100.000 liters pond H2O contains a high moving ridge reached 1m. Just similar the Breakers Bay, this arena has no historic current trammel too render a protective coat for the visitors buoys that tin live obtained costless of charge.

Ring Rides
H5N1 vehicle inwards the shape of a unopen sliding quite oft visited than other vehicles. This is necessary to slide downwardly the security tires, tin lone or together. This vehicle is prohibited for those who convey pump affliction too phobias of darkness.

Master Blaster
Likened to a roller coaster of water, consisting of Flood River Flyer, Wadi Leap, White Water Wadi, Falaj Fury, Wadi Twister too Wadi Basher.

Here y'all tin larn the sense of surfing the perfect moving ridge effect.

Juha's Dhow
It is likewise a vehicle for surfing, but y'all tin invite household unit of measurement members. Get an unforgettable joy to surf amongst them.

Not exclusively a broad choice of H2O rides for the activities provided. Here in that place are 2 souvenir shops too then y'all create non become habitation empty-handed, too in that place are likewise iii restaurants that are scattered inwards the amusement expanse of this site to encounter your needs if y'all are hungry too thirsty.


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