Dubai Tourist Map: At The Top, Burj Khalifa - Should Y'all Majority Ahead?

To mass or non to book, that is the question!  If you lot don't mass ahead it costs Dhs 400 to guide maintain a trip to the viewing deck on the 124th flooring of the 160 flooring Burj Khalifa.  Pre-booked (dated in addition to timed) visits, however, toll alone Dhs 100 and can hold out booked up to 1 calendar month earlier your ascent.   No contest?  Well, at that spot is the minor affair of the view.  Hazy days inwards Dubai are mutual in addition to you lot may hold out unfortunate to honor yourself upwardly inwards the clouds in addition to able to meet really little.  If you lot are determined to meet every bit far every bit possible thence you lot volition definitely desire to pay the extra to  become upwardly at the perfect moment.

We took our chances in addition to booked ahead during a spell of clear conditions in addition to and were fortunate to hold out able to meet quite a distance despite ominous clouds. 
Whatever you lot produce upwardly one's hear you should at to the lowest degree hold out able to meet downwards to the Fountain Lake and, if you lot become upwardly inwards the eve you lot volition hold out treated to a performance of the dazzling Fountain from the highest world advantage point.  There are also viewing telescopes which demo images of nighttime fourth dimension in addition to historic views inwards add-on to the acquaint view.

Don't forget to guide maintain your photographic telly camera every bit you lot volition desire to guide maintain away memories of the amazing views over Dubai.  Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 trip to the hand of the Burj Khalifa volition opened upwardly your eyes to the extent to which Dubai is soundless really a desert city.  

Tickets tin hold out booked online or at the 'At the Top' entrance on the Lower Ground Floor of the Dubai Mall.  From hither you lot are taken along moving walkways to the Burj Khalifa.  Small groups are then ushered into high speed lifts which whisk you lot to the observation degree inwards less than 2 minutes.  Music is played to relax the nervous traveller on the way up.

Floor length windows enable you lot to guide maintain inwards the views all merely about the tower in addition to the outdoor expanse way that you lot tin larn photographs unspoiled past times reflections.  There is enough of room for all to larn expert advantage points in addition to you lot tin remain every bit long every bit you lot wish.  I establish that an hr flew past times really chop-chop piece I was busy snapping.  There is a minor souvenir store for those who desire to guide maintain dorsum to a greater extent than than a photographic telly camera total of images.

It's a bully experience.  I was wary of the elevation but inwards fact it was never a problem.  The elevator journeying is really quick and, despite the enormous windows, the observation deck feels really secure.  I establish myself happily getting correct upwardly the the outdoor concealment to larn the best shots without whatever worry at all most the height.  I tin highly recommend it.

Sheikh Zayed Road

Palm Jumeirah and the Burj al Arab
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