Dubai Tourist Map: Brunch At M's

Tempted past times a 2 for i voucher offering nosotros went for brunch at M's eating topographic point at Emirates Hills Golf Club.  Emirates Golf Club is correct adjacent door to the Lakes but since nosotros intended to bring a drinkable nosotros took a taxi.  Carl told me he would pay twenty Dhs if the driver didn't moan close the brusque trip.  In the halt it was only close on the 10Dhs minimum fare but the driver took it inward his pace in addition to Carl had to pay up.  It was the strangest weather.  Misty, windy in addition to even, dare I say, a niggling cool.  We were seated inward the conservatory with a neat sentiment of the weird Dubai weather.

spooky weather!
We should bring paid attending to the ominous conditions because this wasn't the best brunch experience.  It started off badly when the waitress explained that the 2 for i offering wasn't available for brunch amongst alcohol.  It didn't cite this on the voucher of course.  We'd bring gone elsewhere if it had.  Carl hates this variety of thing in addition to I hoped it wouldn't spoil our meal.  It didn't assist that each novel diner had to survive told the tidings in addition to some took it rattling badly indeed.  Still, nosotros were hungry in addition to out of options in addition to hence nosotros laughed it off bravely in addition to settled downward to our meal.

We were quite intrigued because brunch at M's is a niggling unlike shape the usual.  Instead of having a total buffet repast you choose your mains from the regular luncheon menu.  You can, however, social club every bit many times every bit y'all similar in addition to hence it is still an 'all y'all tin eat' affair.  Starters in addition to desserts are presented inward the normal buffet fashion inward a dissever room.  The pavlova is particulary delicious.

the conservatory
Service was efficient in addition to friendly.  The staff coped admirably amongst the initial annoyance of voucher holders in addition to the relaxed atmosphere was to their credit.  There were a let out of families amongst small-scale children in addition to they were having a neat time.  The middle of the conservatory was unoccupied in addition to at that topographic point was enough of room for niggling ones to run closed to safely.

squid ink risotto amongst prawns

The nutrient was good, but non great.  It seemed every bit though they establish it hard to acquaint nutrient from the fine dining card inward the speed required for brunch in addition to it didn't ever quite striking the high standards that I'm sure they normally would. 

mixed grilled meats

This was a few months agone in addition to hence I promise that whatever teething troubles would at i time survive ironed out.  I'd for certain larn dorsum for a repast at M's, at that topographic point were some rattling enticing things that nosotros didn't larn to try, but I shout out back I would larn for a traditional repast rather than brunch.  And I would honey to come across those views across the golf game course...


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