Top X Things To Produce Inwards Dubai

As a tike growing upward inwards India, Dubai largely meant exclusively 1 affair - Shopping- the house where yous tin store at one-half the cost you'd larn inwards Republic of Republic of India - electronics, cosmetics, exotic chocolates & gold... as well as the house where a huge component of the workforce were Indians...

While (unfortunately) it's however largely known for Shopping, I before long knew amend that Dubai was a lot to a greater extent than than only that ... 

I was 28 when I showtime visited as well as 'experienced' Dubai! From Gravity defying skyscrapers to Wallet defying Gold Souks, from 'who's the largest of them all' Malls to every bit trivial 100 sq feet shops inwards the old souk as well as from diamond studded personal jets to century old wooden abras - the city's got them all... It's a compassion Dubai's known exclusively for shopping!

So here's my listing of Top 10 things to produce inwards Dubai:

Deira to Bur Dubai on an Abra

Hop onto an Abra - a little wooden boat that ferries passengers across the creek - at a Waterbus station at Deira (accessible from the Old Souk) as well as ride across till Bur Dubai - to larn a magnificient stance of the skyline every bit yous canvass across the Dubai creek...  At almost 1 dirham i way, the Abra is a great means to sense local H2O transportation, grab the Dubai Skyline from a dissimilar perspective as well as grab upward alongside locals ferrying across the creek.

Passengers ferrying across the Dubai Creek inwards an Abra

The Dubai Skyline from an Abra

Art Exhibits at the Bastakiya

Bastakiya inwards Bur Dubai, tin travel past times off every bit an Arabian town setting from the 1800's (which I was told it was). Walk through the Bastakiya as well as banking concern fit out fine art & museum exhibits or sit down underneath a tree past times a air current tower inwards the complex watching the opened upward air fine art gallery. 

The Bastakiya

The Philataley House (with Wind Tower architecture)

Ancient Coin Displays at the Bastakiya

Hot Air Ballooning over Hatta Desert

Soar inwards a higher house the Hatta Desert inwards a Hot Air Balloon .. grab the breath taking sunrise over the desert. Catch glimpses of Bedouin villages, Camel Farms as well as Locals (and tourists) Dune Bashing. I fifty-fifty caught a Camel Race inwards activity (with paparazzi inwards tow).

All fix to soar!

Sunrise from the upward inwards the air

A Bedouin Village inwards the desert viewed from the hot air balloon

A Camel Race (with paparazzi) inwards action

Dubai Museum

I am quite the history buff as well as ‘dig’ historic sites, ruins as well as museums… So the Dubai Musuem had to characteristic inwards my top 10 ... Located within the sometime Al Fahidi Fort, the museum is a peek into the ‘traditional life’ inwards the emirates - including the ‘pre oil’ era.

The Dubai Museum located inwards the sometime Al Fahidi Fort

Entrance to the Dubai Museum

The 'Hourey' on display - a little boat carved from a unmarried tree trunk

A replica of an 'Arish' - a summertime solid alongside air current towers to proceed the solid cool & breezy

The Old Souk

This non to travel missed Souk (or ‘market’) is past times the Dubai Creek as well as houses the textile, spice as well as aureate souks. Walk through the Old Souk to soak upward the heritage architecture as well as larn a season of the traditional ‘shopping’ inwards Dubai beyond the flashy swanky malls. 

Walk through the Old Souk

Heritage Architecture of the Old Souk

Burj Khalifa

You cannot travel inwards Dubai as well as non larn to the tallest edifice on earth tin you… The Burj Khalifa is a metaphorical representation of what Dubai stands for – grandeur & sky-high ambition to travel the biggest & best.

The sense of Burj Khalifa begins correct at the base of operations – the entrance of the Dubai Mall inwards Downtown Dubai .. Right from the swanky ticketing purpose to the elevate that takes yous to the observatory deck at Level 124 inwards apartment lx seconds.

The deck (called At the Top) gives yous breathtaking views of downtown Dubai, Jumeirah beach as well as the Burj Dubai as well as beyond… Don’t missy the ‘Gold ATM’ at the observatory deck … It’s raining Gold! J

The magnificent Burj Khalifa

View from the Observatory Deck ... the otherwise Tall Skyscrapers Dwarfed past times the Burj Khalifa!

Pop that Gold Code... The Gold ATM at the Burj Khalifa Ob deck

The Marina

Walk on the promenade of the Festival City mall larn a stance of the Festival Marina. Lined alongside a myriad of jett setter speed boats as well as fifty-fifty a helipad, the Marina is yet some other reflection of the Dubai ‘luxury’ fix inwards the backdrop of the Dubai Skyline.

View of the Marina from the Festival City Promenade

The job up!
Ski Dubai @ the Mall of Emirates

A see to Ski Dubai is a must exclusively to come across how Dubai tin larn far snowfall fifty-fifty inwards the desert (and how!)! Once yous are within Ski Dubai (I was in that place i Xmas) as well as if yous don’t await dorsum at the balance of the ‘Mall of Emirates’ as well as then yous could travel anywhere else inwards the snowy world!

A snowy Christmas inwards Dubai ;-)
Take a monorail to the Atlantis

Board a monorail that glides past times the ‘branches’ of palm jumeirah alongside the Atlantis Hotel inwards the horizon… Start the ride at sunset - It’s a scenic ride as well as the Atlantis hotel send service dusk looks excellent alongside the grandiose illumination… 

In a monorail - alongside the Atlantis inwards the horizon

Drive out on the Emirates Highway

Drive out of Dubai onto the Emirates Highway as well as caput out to i of the emirates … As yous crusade along, grab locals camping ground out inwards the sands past times the side of the highway inwards the eventide – huddling only about a bonfire alongside the four x 4s past times their side. Stop past times at i of the shacks en road selling fruits, corn cobs, ceramic-ware, slice of furniture as well as the works. Or crusade into i of the parks where locals conduct maintain fix out for a Fri morn picnic…

Drive out on the Emirates Highway

The Dominicus inwards the Mirror is closer than yous hollo back :-)

Some streets lined alongside shops selling fruits, toys, slice of furniture even...

Local picnickers steaming upward some java inwards a park

Corn on Cob - at a street stall en road the Emirates Highway


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