Dubai Tourist Map: Bluish Souk, Sharjah

It's worth braving the horrendous Sharjah traffic to larn to this fantastic souk.  It looks fabulous from the outside amongst two parallel, beautifully decorated buildings linked past times a brace of as adorned bridges.

The interior is simply as impressive amongst galleried halls flooded amongst low-cal from the ornate windows.

This is the house to larn if you lot desire to purchase Arabian goods at low, depression prices.  In add-on to the larger shops on the dry soil floor there are souvenir stalls selling pashminas as well as trinkets lining the bridges, as well as rug shops along the galleries.  You tin plow over the sack browse these at your leisure as well as volition non hold upward pestered as you lot are inwards the Dubai souks.  On the dry soil flooring at that topographic point are shops selling abayas as well as kandouras, djellabahs as well as kaftans.  There are beautiful embroidered textiles as well as fifty-fifty a few tailors.  You volition non get got the choice available in Al Karama or Bur Dubai but for a few Dirhams you lot volition for sure notice something you lot like. 

Almost the entire dry soil flooring of one of the buildings is taken upward past times Sharjah's Gold Souk.  For the create goodness of the serious buyers at that topographic point is a enshroud showing electrical flow gilt prices.  The window displays are breathtaking amongst to a greater extent than or less shops clearly specialising inwards the ornate headpieces as well as necklaces that are favoured past times the locals as well as other shops catering for a to a greater extent than varied clientele.  Once again, different inwards Dubai's Gold Souk, you lot volition hold upward able to window-shop to your hearts content. 

bracelets anybody?



Less than an hour's sweat from Dubai this is non to hold upward missed.  The souk is opened upward from 9am to 1pm as well as 4pm to 11pm every twenty-four lx minutes menstruum except Friday.  There are enough of museums as well as heritage sites inwards Sharjah if you lot desire to pass a niggling longer inwards the Emirate as well as at that topographic point is enough to encounter on the sweat along the coast.  Travel only a few minutes farther as well as you lot volition notice yourself inwards Ajman, to a greater extent than or less other of the lesser known Emirates.

traditional wooden dhows comport goods to as well as from the UAE
 If you lot would similar to know to a greater extent than most places to take in close Dubai you lot mightiness bask a
Trip to Hatta or Desert Drive to Fossil Rock

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