Dubai Tourist Map: Beachcombers, Jumeirah Beach Hotel

This is a lovely house to become for an eve buffet.  The eating seat is situated inwards its ain wooden cabin a brusque walk (or a buggy ride if yous prefer) from the head Jumeirah Beach Hotel building.  It is correct on the beach amongst superb views of the Burj Al Arab. 

It's perfect for a romantic evening... but also a bully house to entertain your Dubai visitors.  We took our friends Judy too Robert...
Judy too Robert relaxing over coffee

We chose a tabular array on the terrace to get got payoff of the fantastic Dubai wintertime weather.  With the deck beside the beach yous tin forcefulness out head to the waves lapping the shore merely a short distance away - except when the ring is playing.  But that's Ok, the ring is very pleasant amongst a proficient attain of songs too bully harmonies.
I was a fleck concerned when the ring started to deed from tabular array to tabular array amongst each song.  'Ugh! Embarrassing!' I told  Robert. He straightaway asked to borrow a guitar to sing directlly to me! His rendition of The Eagles 'Take it to the Limit', accompanied past times the band, was received amongst bully applause.  I was suitably embarrassed...


The buffet carte du jour varies throughout the calendar week amongst curry, Asian too BBQ nights available.  There are mutual depression temperature too hot starters, alive cooking stations amongst plenty of chefs inwards attendance too lots tureens filled amongst rice, vegetables too meat dishes.  The dessert station is quite modest with the emphasis on fresh fruit too gateaux although in that location are plenty of the ubiquitous tiny taster desserts to keep sugar addicts happy.

This is i of our favourite places for a special nighttime out.  We both beloved the tempura vegetables too the bully attain of starters too Carl especially loves the huge diverseness of mains.   The setting is really romantic too in that location is a lovely atmosphere.  Another fantastic venue to print your guests or ameliorate still, to attain yourselves a lovely evening's vacation at abode inwards Dubai.

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