Dubai Tourist Map: The Dhow As Well As Anchor, Jumeirah Beach Hotel

You tin ever trust Dubai to turn on the razzmatazz when y'all postulate it.  On my mother-in-law's final amount hateful solar daytime inward Dubai she decided that she would similar to convey us out to lunch.  'But something ordinary,' she pleaded, 'Like sausage, egg in addition to chips...'
It took me a few minutes to intend of places alongside an English linguistic communication pub-style menu but in addition to hence I recalled  somwhere that I hoped would provide the ideal 'last lunch'.  The Dhow in addition to Anchor at Jumeirah Beach Hotel certainly has the requisite pub menu.  Amongst others, it offers fish in addition to chips, ploughman's platter, shepherd's pie and, my mother-in-law's eventual choice, amount English linguistic communication breakfast.
In addition, the views from the terrace are picture perfect.  That afternoon it was a picayune busy but infinite was rapidly made for us, in addition to then, when some other tabular array all of a abrupt became available, nosotros were offered a change, which nosotros accepted.  From hither it was possible for all iii of us to gaze out at the sparkling jade light-green sea. 
What could live finer for a final hateful solar daytime inward Dubai I thought to myself.  H5N1 lovely hotel, smashing food, in addition to a vivid view.  And then, typically for Dubai, it only got better!

Our conversation was all of a abrupt drowned out past times an extremely noisy helicopter nearby.  Looking approximately nosotros realised that it was on the helideck of the Burj Al Arab - in addition to nosotros were inward a prime number spot to scout it!  Cameras at the create nosotros waited for the helicopter to convey off.  After a few impatient minutes nosotros were able to snap a few photos in addition to then, pleased alongside our success, nosotros settled downward eat.
It is foreign how when you're watching the rich at play y'all experience every bit if a picayune fleck of the glamour rubs off on you!  We speculated on the variety of individual who is able to wing to the Burj Al Arab for lunch.  H5N1 footballer maybe - or Paul McCartney trying to print his novel wife.  He mightiness live hither already for his Grand Prix appearance...

Another helicopter landed during our meal  (cue more frantic photographic boob tube camera snapping) but then later, as nosotros went for a stroll approximately the grounds of the hotel, we watched a tertiary helicopter approach the Burj.  Sadly, it does seem to lose a fleck of its glamour when it's non hence exclusive.  But maybe it only happened to live a dejeuner political party for the super wealthy? 
Helicopters or not, this is a fantastic spot for dejeuner in addition to is i to a greater extent than to add together to our listing of 'things to create alongside visitors'.


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