Dubai Tourist Map: Dubai Onetime Souks- Spice Souk, Gilt Souk Too Fabric Souk

Entrance to the Textile Souk inwards Bur Dubai
Either side of Dubai Creek prevarication Dubai's oldest together with most charming souks: the Spice Souk and Gold Souk in Deira together with the Textile Souk on the Bur Dubai side.  The Spice Souk together with the Textile Souk are packed total of attractive together with easily affordable souvenirs.  As you lot walk along the quaint alleys you lot volition last bombarded with offers of pashmina-shawls together with genuine-imitation rolex watches.   Prices are oft laid at a high 'tourist price' and, unless you lot are prepared to haggle, you lot could goal upward paying far to a greater extent than than you lot postulate to.  Don't worry if you lot are non confident plenty to barter; exactly walk away when the cost is also high.  This will often effect inwards a dramatic reduction inwards the cost of goods on offer.

The to a greater extent than you lot purchase the improve the cost volition last - together with this includes when you lot supply to a store where you lot induce got purchased previously.  If you lot are a resident then say so every bit this volition also oft assist you lot to larn a reduction.

In the petty streets exactly about the Textile Souk inwards Bur Dubai at that spot are many to a greater extent than shops where you lot tin flame purchase cloth at wholesale prices.  If you lot are looking for something inwards detail you lot volition uncovering lots of people willing to assist you lot inwards your search.
The souks are open in the forenoon (except on Friday) together with and then opened upward again from belatedly afternoon.   There are also lots of interesting petty shops inwards the expanse exactly about the Spice Souk which are closed inwards the afternoon.

I similar to offset amongst a walk through the Textile Souk together with dorsum together with and then induce got a i Dirham abra ride from the station close the entrance.  For to a greater extent than data nigh the abra rides read One Dirham to cross the Creek.  The abra at the entrance to the Textile Souk inwards Bur Dubai takes you lot direct to the Spice Souk in Deira. 

If you lot induce got an abra from the other goal of the Textile Souk you lot volition induce got farther to walk when you lot larn to Deira every bit you lot volition be  taken to a station farther upward the Creek.  This tin flame experience similar quite a long walk on a hot hateful solar daytime but when the conditions is cool you lot tin flame savour looking a the wooden dhows at the quayside together with uncovering the amazing multifariousness of goods that are waiting to be loaded.

You won't postulate the sign to tell you lot that you lot induce got reached the Spice Souk; the wonderful scents will confirm your arrival.

Unlike the linear Textile Souk, at that spot are lots of narrow alleyways together with it is hard to know whether you lot induce got seen everything.  You tin flame easily uncovering yourself straying into the streets behind where you lot volition uncovering toys together with theatre goods together with souvenirs.  It's real unlike hither from the glitzy malls on the other side of the Creek.

Try to cash inwards one's chips on closed to the Creek if you lot solely induce got fourth dimension for the souks.  Spice sellers volition last delighted if you lot bring together inwards their game together with seek to justice the names of the spices inwards the sacks exterior the shop.  The huge sacks of saffron-like spice plough out to last sunflowers.

Often you lot are invited into the store together with given dates to eat.  Unfortunately some traders tin flame last quite pushy thence last careful that you lot produce non pay also much for your spices.  Bear inwards hear what you lot would pay inwards the supermarket.
If you lot induce got fourth dimension to wander at that spot are some fun shops close the Spice Souk.  You tin flame larn some fantabulous create produce souvenirs.  Head out behind the Spice Souk together with plough correct (following the Creek upstream) together with you lot tin flame savour a few shops earlier you lot larn to the Gold Souk.

The Gold Souk has much wider lanes together with the store fronts are filled amongst incredible displays of aureate together with jewellery. 
Once you lot induce got had your fill upward of the sights, brand your agency dorsum to the entrance (where at that spot is a display of a world-record breaking ring).  Turn left hither together with walk towards the Creek.  You volition presently uncovering yourself dorsum at the abra station close the entrance to the Spice Souk.

There is a lovely eating theatre on the Creek which is exactly perfect for tiffin afterward a forenoon inwards the souks.  You volition uncovering Bayt Al Wakeel side past times side to the Creek just inside the Textile Souk.  The tables are on a terrace that truly hangs out over the Creek.  Very picturesque!
It's a squeamish sentiment to social club a few unlike mezze together with allow everybody tuck inwards to some of the tastes of Arabia. I can't intend of a improve agency to goal a morning exploring the fabulous onetime souks of Dubai! 
You mightiness similar to read nigh Dubai Museum which is also close the Creek inwards Bur Dubai

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