Dubai Tourist Map: Dejeuner Amongst Jones The Grocer

open for business

Jones the Grocer opened a few months agone as well as is already a really pop venue for Ladies who Lunch.  The stark modern edifice nonetheless is non slow to spot.  Fortunately I knew that it was contrary the Times Square Mall on Sheikh Zayed Rd as well as was able to betoken it out to my taxi driver every bit nosotros passed.  'Sorry Ma'am', he said, 'Say Jones's Restaurant.  Then I volition know...'

Once you lot are within the cool interior you lot are greeted by tables piled high amongst expensively packaged groceries. 
foyer stacked amongst groceries

This is Jones's unique selling betoken - a combination of eating seat as well as exclusive delicatessen/grocer.  The walls are lined amongst shelves sum of attractively packaged gourmet  foods.

 The huge fundamental console displays delicious desserts as well as speciality deli foods.

In the eating seat colourful salads are served along with hearty sandwiches made with a multifariousness of freshly baked breads.  So far, when I bring been the eating seat has been really busy as well as the service has been a piffling ho-hum but the nutrient has been excellent. 
For me, the nurture of the shop is the close attractive.  There are pocket-size tables artfully arranged amongst tempting morsels to 'try before you lot buy'...

tiny nibbles to tempt the purse
...and a huge glass mutual depression temperature store dedicated to wonderful cheeses.
cheeses stored inwards cool perfection

The eating seat seems noisy when you lot showtime sit down down.  The din is belike due to the open-plan, warehouse-style edifice but you lot shortly larn used to the babble of voices of the diners as well as the clatter from the opened upward kitchen at the rear.

 A few days agone nosotros arrived merely every bit the breakfast sitting was ending.  The poached egg on toast looked really skillful indeed but since breakfast is non served afterwards 11.30am nosotros were likewise tardily to order.  Somehow I intend that my adjacent watch powerfulness hold upward a piffling before than the green lunchtime slot... 


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