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My park spot to sentiment the springtime is from straight contrary the Burj Khalifa, inward front end of the steps upward to the side entrance of Souk al Bahar.  There are a few benches hither and, if those are taken, nobody seems to heed if yous sit down on the steps every bit long every bit at that spot is room for people to pass.  From hither yous tin give the axe encounter the whole springtime together with rest every bit long every bit yous like.

Even ameliorate views of the springtime tin give the axe travel obtained from the kickoff flooring terraces of restaurants together with cafes that environs the lake.  My favourites are the Rivington Grill inward Souk al Bahar together with the Madeleine Cafe inward Dubai Mall.  The Rivington Grill is a fairly expensive 'London' mode eatery together with yous volition cause got to mass inward advance if yous desire terrace seating.    The Madeleine Cafe is French bistro mode together with has a large terrace.  It is non ever necessary to mass simply it tin give the axe choke busy inward December/January.

During the summertime months it tin give the axe travel uncomfortable to sentiment the springtime from outside.  Midges pester those who trouble the lake edges together with it is every bit good humid to sit down together with consume on the terraces.  At these times it may travel ameliorate to scout from the window tables inward Dean together with Deluca or TGI Fridays which are inward the Dubai Mall on the 2 floors inward a higher house the Madeleine Cafe. Views from high inward a higher house the springtime tin give the axe travel had from the Address hotel or from At.mosphere or At the Top inward the Burj Khalifa.

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together with scout Burj Khalifa Fireworks on yous tube

Wherever yous choose, brand certain yous let fourth dimension to encounter a few performances.  Timings vary throughout the twelvemonth simply the springtime to a greater extent than oft than non plays every one-half hr closed to from vii o'clock.  There are no performances during Ramadan.

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