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I'm then excited to read inward Gulf News that the novel mosque inward Al Safa volition live opened upwardly to non-Muslims.  I've been watching amongst interests over the final few months equally the fairy-tale castle minarets have risen upwardly into the Dubai sky-line.  Visiting the new Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque as well as Islamic Centre volition definitely be at the top of my list of things to produce when I croak dorsum to Dubai.

the beak is given yesteryear Latifa, an Englishwoman straight off married to an Emirati

At the minute the solely mosque that non-Muslims are unremarkably allowed to see is Jumeirah Mosque.  I've taken several groups of my vistors at that topographic point for the tour as well as beak which takes house most mornings at 10.00am.  

visitors clothes respectfully
 The see lasts for an hr as well as a quarter and includes a see to the ablutions where a lucky few croak to seek it out for themselves.  There's enough of chance to enquire questions as well as to cause got photographs.  In fact the see is surprisingly relaxed although it is necessary to clothes respectfully; everyone removes their shoes and women are obliged to encompass their hair. 

The Five Pillars of Islam are explained inward a straightforward means as well as at that topographic point is fifty-fifty a demonstration of Muslim prayer.

Visiting the mosque isn't simply a unique guide chances to come across inside one of these most beautiful buildings but is likewise a non bad means to detect out to a greater extent than well-nigh roughly of the beliefs as well as customs of our Emirati hosts.


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